Kerry Goldstein

Expert In Building Self-Esteem


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About Me

Self-Esteem is interesting in that at times it can all be about perspective. Often people I work with who have difficulty with experiencing esteem see their life differently than others who have a great deal of esteem. Those with a high amount will often look back on their history of being a culmination of experiences leading them to where they are now. Often those with "low" esteem will see their past experiences as almost random with no cohesion and build up to this moment. The difference is subtle but the change that can occur once shifts are made can be profound.


Masters in Counseling, Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


I have worked at outpatient clinics and adolescent treatment facilities. I look at my experience working with diverse populations and my training in NLP as giving me an ability to apply principles specifically to allow for your unique way of looking at the world and particular predisposition to change.