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About Me

My Expertise
For the past 22 years, through experience, I have been helping people realize their personal and professional goals through self-development coaching and counseling. The thrust of my expertise is in creating sincere relationships, building an alliance with my clients that gives them the certitude about our steady move towards their desired goals.
Much of what we experience in our outer world is an indication of challenges that must be resolved and repaired within our inner world. The core of my service is to provide you with essential skills that enable you to recognize your authenticity, strengthening your strengths and unique qualities. It is important to understand that real change takes time and so the focal point of our relationship is to encourage you to commit to enhancing your relationship with yourself by placing yourself on the priority list of your life.
Research shows that left unmanaged, the emotional issues of Anger and Stress can be overwhelming and debilitating. However, if you are willing to make essential changes, and interested in an exciting, self-unraveling journey, I would be privilege to serve as your accountability partner. Through a series of interactive sessions, you will learn ways to effectively discover your inner value and unearth your very best self.
My specialties include Life-Coaching and Counseling in the areas of Anger & Stress Management, Life Goals and Personal Fulfillment. In addition, through Cognitive Behavioral modeling, I offer assessment and evaluation in the areas of Self-esteem, Self-Image and Confidence.


Bsc. Business Administration, Learning Facilitator,
Certified Life-Coach,
Stress Management Diploma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Individual & Group Coaching Private Practice - 2009
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (enrolled)
Stress Management (SNHS 2008)
Certified Life-Coach 2006 CTA

Bsc. Business Administration, Inspired Learning Facilitator,

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