Carsten Werner

Expert In Stress & Anger Management


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About Me

Nowadays our wold provides us with more information in one week than a person has experienced in a lifetime just 100 years ago. Like in a pressure cooker your mind and soul are bombarded with negativity, catastrophes, the need to compete and keep up with what our society considers to become successful. Without having a valve to release some of this pressure your body will eventually find a way through anger, aggression and frustration. Unfortunately is will even be the people closest to us, which become the target. Understanding what is the cause of your anger can help you to balance your life in a way that you become more resistant against stress. Simple techniques, based upon common sense coaching will help you to keep your cool.


Business Economist and Management. Trainer of the trainer certification. Passionate business and personal development coach. Certified Life Coach


Public speaker, author and coach. Specializing in business and personal development, motivation and overcoming life's challenges.

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