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About Me

A dysfunctional family let to me sleeping in a homeless shelter at the age of 17. Through perseverance I now command a substantial income, consulting to many of the largest companies in the world.
The biggest challenge I faced in the early days was a lack of belief in myself. I quickly realised that without a degree being self employed allowed me access to a life that as a permanent employee my lack of educational qualifications would have provided many "barriers" to entry.
I had a flair for technology, however no formal training, but quickly learned the commercial and interpersonal criteria that had to be exceeded to get the jobs I wanted.
I have worked in over 63 countries and have consulted to 26 Fortune 500 companies.
"You are only as good as your last position." This is my mantra. Let me show you how to climb the career ladder - Your actions will soon become automatic, the way you do business and live, and you will soon be on your way.
I was finally awarded that elusive degree, the icing on the cake.


Hon. MBA, 2008 Leicester University


Management Consultant to companies that have included: AT&T, Cable & Wireless, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Columbia Tri-Star, Sony, British Telecom, Toyota, United Artists and many more.

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