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About Me

Are you ready to remove the barriers that prevent you from being all that God designed you to be?
Work with me in a confidential one-on-one relationship. You are accepted just as you are and where you are.
What I offer:
Spiritual mentoring (also called spiritual direction) is often referred to as "holy listening." A spiritual mentor listens prayerfully and lovingly. The mentor never judges or accuses. The mentor may ask questions or ask for clarification. The goal is to help clients grow in their faith through deep reflection: the kind of reflection only possible in a safe, compassionate relationship. A spiritual mentor is sometimes referred to as a “soul friend.”
A spiritual mentor does not give instructions or assignments. Mentoring sessions rely on a revelational approach with the client talking and the mentor listening, questioning, and guiding the client to greater understanding.
“...the [mentor] needs to combine gentleness with candor and expect commitment and hard work from the [client]. A good teacher demands accountability, which is why we usually learn better with a teacher than we do on our own, no matter what the subject matter. But this accountability is mutual, with no place in it for fear or coercion. [The mentor is] accountable to the [client], to whom she owes her attention, discretion, and prayers, while [the client] is accountable through taking the relationship seriously, honoring the [mentor's] gift of time and attention, and bringing her best and truest self to the work.” adapted from Holy Listening: The Art of Spiritual Direction by Margaret Gunther


M.A. Pastoral Ministry - Northwest Nazarene University


My philosophy:
Each human being is a unique reflection of God. As such, each person is valuable and precious. Each of us has something vital to contribute to the world. My role as a spiritual mentor is to help individuals connect with God in a way that allows her or him to develop a spiritually rich life that magnifies her or his God-given gifts to the world.

I am an experienced writer, educator, and pastor. I work as a freelance writer and Director of Education at a local Oklahoma City career college. I have served as both a youth pastor and a Christian education director. I oversee Soul Path Personal Development as part of my ministry of personal development.

Professionals memberships:

  • Christians for Biblical Equality
  • Spiritual Directors International
  • Phi Beta Kappa