Don't you think I should be able to go home?

I'm 17 years old and back in June I had a mental breakdown. I decided that I absolutely had to leave Florida because I was so frustrated with all of my friends not including me in anything. So, I decided to move to Tennessee with my aunt. I told my mom I want running away from my problems and that I was moving for school. Tennessee has a program where you can get 2 free years of community college. Also, I was to go to UT after. It's now October and I hate it here. I want to go home. I don't like my new school, I've made very few friends, I hate living with my aunt, I don't want to go to UT anymore, I miss my mom and my sister, and I miss my life. I told my mom that I wanted to come home and she said she would never tell me that I can't come home but 3 days later she said I'm gonna have to wait till my orthodontic stuff is done. The following week, my aunt tells me the insurance denied us so it was going to take even longer. So, this past week I've really been bugging my mom about coming home and she's been stubborn and saying no. I keep telling her that I'll be better and whatnot.
She is saying no because I made a commitment and I have to stick to it. But there is no commitment anymore because I don't want to go to UT anymore.
I'm upset because my own mother is telling me that I can't go home. I've been crying every single day for over a week now.
By junebug2463 8 years ago :: Parent/Child
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