Is expressing a desire to have dinner an indication that plans have been made for dinner if there's been no confirmation

It was a freezing about 9:30 one night when I expressed I wanted to have dinner with my boyfriend who was working. He said he'd like to have dinner as well but interjected that I may not realise how bitterly cold it is outside. I offer to order in. Then ask him to message when he gets free. He messages 2 hours later that he was sorry for the silence but dinner wasn't feasible as he was still at work. I had waited for hours. Am I wrong to think he made plans with me and then blew me off and flaked or was this a communication breakdown, I didn't really ask when he was off and he technically didn't confirm but didn't feel I needed either based on the conversation. Am I right or should he get a pass?
By ItsANDREZ 5 years ago :: Dating
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