So tell me again why Ivanka Trump is qualified to discuss policy with other foreign leaders?

Aren't there any laws for nepotism? She's making us look horrible in the world spotlight and I'm unsure why she qualifies for anything other than Trump's daughter.

I'll give her the First Daughter "title" but honestly anything regarding foreign relations she has no business getting involved.  

I'm not a huge fan of AOC either but I can understand her points.


Ivanka Trump: Adviser, daughter, and, this week, diplomat

(CNN) Seoul (CNN) It was the eve of President Donald Trump's historic steps into North Korea, and as the US delegation was lining up for a photo op with their South Korean counterparts at the Blue House, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo paced behind the group, ...

People are editing Ivanka Trump into historic scenes with '#UnwantedIvanka' after her awkward G20 conversation with ...

(Business Insider) People are editing Ivanka Trump into historic photos and artworks after a video went viral showing her having an awkward exchange with world leaders at the G20 summit. With the hashtag "#UnwantedIvanka," people edited Ivanka into moments from the ...

By TheMediator 5 years ago :: Politics
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