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  • Monday, Sep 9
  • Dave Dombrowski
    Less than a year after World Series title, Red Sox fire chief architect Dave Dombrowski

    (Washington Post) The general manager of the Boston Red Sox, no matter the season or the circumstances, has but one mandate: Win or else. And nobody fit the job description better than Dave Dombrowski, the 63-year-old executive who has built a reputation and a ... - 9/9/2019

    Red Sox fire president Dave Dombrowski less than a year after winning the World Series

    ( It was easy to predict some changes would be coming in Boston. Those changes started overnight, following the Red Sox's loss to the New York Yankees (box score). The Red Sox fired president Dave Dombrowski on Sunday. The team announced the move ... - 9/9/2019

    Red Sox Fire Dave Dombrowski a Season After Winning the World Series

    (The New York Times) BOSTON — Mired in mediocrity only less than 11 months after setting a team record in victories and winning a World Series, the Red Sox on Sunday night fired Dave Dombrowski, their president of baseball operations. A formal announcement was expected ... - 9/9/2019

    The huge concerns Red Sox face after firing Dave Dombrowski

    (New York Post) John Henry spent nearly a decade as a limited partner of the Yankees in the 1990s, and, more than any other current owner, Henry upholds the legacy of the guy who owned the Yankees at that time — George Steinbrenner. Henry has proven as Red Sox ... - 9/9/2019

    Red Sox fire Dave Dombrowski

    (Boston 25 News) BOSTON - The Red Sox have fired Dave Dombrowski, their president of baseball operations. Dombrowski joined the Red Sox in 2015 and played a large role in building the team that won the 2018 World Series. Shortly after a 10-5 loss to the Yankees on ... - 9/9/2019

    Red Sox fire team president Dave Dombrowski

    (WCVB Boston) The Boston Red Sox fired team president Dave Dombrowski on Sunday, following the team's latest loss to the New York Yankees. The team confirmed the news early Monday and said the search for a permanent replacement will begin immediately. - 9/9/2019

    Alex Cora 'Shocked' After Red Sox Fire Dave Dombrowski

    (CBS Boston) BOSTON (AP) — The Boston Red Sox parted ways Sunday with president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski less than a year after winning the World Series. Red Sox spokesman Kevin Gregg made the announcement following a 10-5 loss to the New ... - 9/9/2019

    Medias Rojas despide a su presidente de beisbol Dave Dombrowski

    ( Dombrowski, un veterano directivo del beisbol que construyó un equipo campeón de la Serie Mundial en Miami y ayudó a los Tigres a ganar dos títulos de la Liga Americana, fue reclutado para dirigir las operaciones en Boston en 2015, después de que el ... - 9/9/2019

    Red Sox toman fuerte decisión y despiden a Dave Dombrowski

    (Al Bat) Menos de un año después de ganar la Serie Mundial, los Red Sox de Boston despidieron su presidente de operaciones de béisbol Dave Dombrowski. The #RedSox today announced that they have parted ways with President of Baseball Operations Dave ... - 9/9/2019

    Red Sox despiden a su presidente Dave Dombrowski

    ( Menos de un año después de ganar la Serie Mundial, los Boston Red Sox despidieron a su presidente de operaciones de beisbol Dave Dombrowski. El portavoz de los Medias Rojas de Boston, Kevin Gregg, anunció la decisión el domingo por la noche tras ... - 9/9/2019

  • Definition
    Why a Plan to Redefine the Meaning of 'Museum' Is Stirring Up Controversy

    (TIME) As the institution's role evolves, a universal definition of museum has become the subject of heated argument. In fact, while the International Council of Museums (ICOM)'s Extraordinary General Assembly — a United Nations-style body for museums, in which ... - 9/9/2019

  • Email
    Trying to Get Your $125 From Equifax? Keep An Eye Out for This Important Email

    (TIME) If you opted for the $125 cash settlement following the Equifax data breach, check your email. A message I received over the weekend from “Equifax Breach Settlement Administrator” asked that I verify that I had “some form of credit monitoring” at the time I ... - 9/9/2019

    World's biggest email server hit with security flaw

    (TechRadar) If you're unfamiliar with Exim, the software is a mail transfer agent (MTA) that runs in the background of email servers. In addition to helping send and receive messages, email servers also serve as relays for other user's emails and MTA helps handle this. - 9/9/2019

    Testing your email marketing to improve your deliverability

    (MarTech Today) Martech is always changing and evolving, and the same is true for one of the oldest martech applications in our toolsets — email marketing. Many organizations treat email like a static piece of marketing technology and leave email deliverability up to the ... - 9/9/2019

    Equifax Claims Administrator says victims must provide more info to claim cash

    (Ars Technica) If you're one of the millions of Americans who received an email this weekend from the Equifax Breach Settlement Administrator, you're not alone. Nor are you alone if you were surprised or confused by the message, as more than a half-dozen Ars readers ... - 9/9/2019

    If You Asked for $125 from the Equifax Settlement, You Need to Verify Your Claim

    (Lifehacker) The process to claim your $125 payment from the Equifax breach settlement now has one more step. If you already filed your claim, you may have received an email over the weekend instructing you to provide further information. An email from the breach ... - 9/9/2019

    Equifax adds extra step to claim $125 damage award

    (CNBC) Over the last several days, consumers have been receiving emails alerting them that they must verify their $125 claim by the Oct. 15 deadline. The email also notes that “depending on the number of valid claims that are filed, the amount you receive for ... - 9/9/2019

    World's most popular email server hit by security bug

    (ITProPortal) The world's most popular mail transfer agent (MTA) has detected a critical bug which would allow hackers to run malicious code with root privileges. The bug was since patched, but until all webmasters upgrade their systems, a realistic threat of a huge data ... - 9/9/2019

  • College Board
    Italian Language Foundation And The College Board Combine Efforts To Expand Advanced Placement Opportunities ...

    (PRNewswire (press release)) NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Italian Language Foundation (ILF) is pleased with LaGuardia High School's recent decision to continue offering AP Italian in 2020, following an initial decision to discontinue the course. The College Board's new ... - 9/9/2019

  • Yahoo finance
    Is Square Stock Set to Surge 61% to $100?

    (Yahoo Finance) Square (NYSE:SQ) stock has been a multi-year juggernaut. However, it hasn't fared all that well over the past 12 months. SQ stock is actually down 27% in the past year. That badly lags the S&P 500, which is up 3% in the same time. While Square stock is up ... - 9/9/2019

  • Calendar
    Swarovski advent calendar is back and it looks better than ever – here's how you can buy yours for £20

    (The Sun) YOU'D be forgiven for expecting an Swarovski Advent Calendar to cost the earth, but thanks to this incredible Wowcher deal it could be yours for just £21.99. There's jewellery hiding behind each of the twenty-four pouches - including bracelets, earrings, ... - 9/9/2019

    Md. school calendar referendum Hogan promised won't be on 2020 ballot

    (WTOP) A majority of Democrats in the General Assembly this year passed a bill that overturned Hogan's executive order mandating school calendars start after Labor Day and end before June 15. The same lawmakers overrode the governor's veto of the bill later in ... - 9/9/2019

    B&M is selling a Pringles advent calendar this year

    (The Sun) But if you usually mark the festive season with a chocolate each morning, chances are the calories and sugar count might not be that different. We couldn't find the Pringles advent calendar being sold in any UK supermarket but we did find one on eBay being ... - 9/9/2019

    A Relatively Quiet Calendar Leaves Parliament and the GBP in Focus

    (Yahoo Finance) It was a relatively busy economic calendar through the Asian session this morning. Economic data included 2nd quarter GDP numbers out of Japan and July home loan figures out of Australia. From the weekend, trade figures out of China failed to impress. - 9/9/2019

    B&M is selling a Millions sweets advent calendar for Christmas – and it's already in shops

    (The Scottish Sun) But if you are going all out for the calendar, take note that 100g of Millions contains 406 calories and 68.3g of sugar. The average person shouldn't consume more than 30g of sugar in one day. B&M is also selling a Pringles advent calendar for those looking to ... - 9/9/2019

  • Kelly Clarkson
    Kelly Clarkson explains why she encouraged Taylor Swift to re-record her music

    (CNN) (CNN) Because of you, Kelly Clarkson, we may have a better chance at getting new versions of Taylor Swift classics. Clarkson appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" Sunday and talked about encouraging Swift to re-record her masters. - 9/9/2019

    Kelly Clarkson absolutely slays Jimmy Fallon's 'Beat Battle' with breathtaking vocals

    (Mashable) It's no secret that Kelly Clarkson has an absolutely incredible voice. So it came as no surprise when she absolutely smashed Jimmy Fallon's "Beat Battle" — basically a sing-off where Fallon and Clarkson take turns singing songs over a random beat from The ... - 9/9/2019

    'The Kelly Clarkson Show' premieres with last-minute guest change

    (WTHR) LOS ANGELES (WTHR) — What happens when Kelly Clarkson's first scheduled guest on her new talk show gets in a car accident? Kevin Hart was injured in a car crash on Sept. 1 and was slated to be a guest on the first taping of "The Kelly Clarkson Show" ... - 9/9/2019

    Kelly Clarkson says she can't take credit for Taylor Swift advice

    (Yahoo Movies) Kelly Clarkson visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Sunday night, where she talked about the recent advice she gave Taylor Swift. In June, Swift's back catalog for all 6 of her multiplatinum albums was purchased by famed music manager ... - 9/9/2019

    Kelly Clarkson Stops by 'Today' as New Talk Show Set to Premiere

    (NBC 7 San Diego) It's almost here! Kelly Clarkson stopped by the 'Today' show Monday to talk about her new talk show "The Kelly Clarkson Show" that debuts this afternoon... and the singer said she's having a really hard time containing her joy. - 9/9/2019

    Kelly Clarkson's Idea for Taylor Swift to Re-Record Her Masters Actually Came From This Celeb

    (E! Online) Kelly Clarkson gives credit where credit is due. Back in July, when Taylor Swift revealed Scooter Braun had acquired her life's work, the American Idol alum stepped up to offer some sage advice. "@taylorswift13 just a thought, U should go in & re-record all the ... - 9/9/2019

  • Chrissy Teigen
    Trump called Chrissy Teigen a 'filthy mouthed wife.' Her response reflects years of social media savvy.

    (Washington Post) On Sunday night, Chrissy Teigen was preparing for her daughter's first day of school with a tradition familiar to parents across the country: listing 3-year-old Luna's favorite things in bright, multicolored letters on a framed chalkboard sign. But as the model, ... - 9/9/2019

    Donald Trump targets John Legend, Chrissy Teigen after Legend appears on MSNBC criminal justice series

    (USA TODAY) President Donald Trump targeted singer John Legend and TV/social media personality Chrissy Teigen online Sunday night after Legend was featured in MSNBC's final installment of Lester Holt's "Justice For All" series, a report about the criminal justice ... - 9/9/2019

    Trevor Noah Torches Trump For Getting Skewered By Chrissy Teigen

    (Deadline) Trevor Noah jumped on the celebrity feud bandwagon Monday night to offer his take on President Trump's Twitter war with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. In case you're not up on Trump's latest celebrity beef, he went on a Twitter tirade Sunday, targeting ... - 9/9/2019

    Meghan McCain Is 'Team Chrissy' Against Trump After He Attacks Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

    ( Meghan McCain, no fan of President Donald Trump herself, quickly threw her support behind Chrissy Teigen after Trump attacked “filthy mouthed” Teigen and her “boring” husband, John Legend, in a series of late-night tweets on Sunday. “Since when is there ... - 9/9/2019

    Meghan McCain defends Chrissy Teigen from Trump's 'filthy mouth' attack

    (Fox News) Legend sarcastically requested that followers not retweet Teigen's insult as a hashtag. The couple has been fiercely critical of the president for years. The Grammy winner called Trump a “piece of s—t” and a "canker sore on the country" after the president's ... - 9/9/2019

    Stephen Colbert thinks Chrissy Teigen's NSFW Twitter lashing for Trump is perfection

    (USA TODAY) Stephen Colbert practically licked his fingers from the Twitter beef between Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and President Donald Trump. The "Late Show" host detailed the heated exchange in a NSFW portion of Monday's monologue, where he sarcastically ... - 9/9/2019

    Chrissy Teigen Has a Long, Hilarious History of Dunking on Donald Trump

    ( Christine “ChrissyTeigen is, by all accounts, the Mayor of Twitter. She's a bright light on that godforsaken website, where She's covered everything from parenting to recipes, but at her very best, she's just riffing on the day's biggest news. In the process, she's ... - 9/9/2019

    Ani Bundel Trump's Chrissy Teigen Twitter feud is as lopsided as it is revealing

    ( The internet woke up on Monday morning to a surprising Twitter feud. Chrissy Teigen, the supermodel, entrepreneur and wife of singer John Legend, was trending, along with the hashtag “FilthyMouthedWife.” This was not all that unusual given Teigen's ... - 9/9/2019

    Colbert, Kimmel Laugh as Trump Tries (and Fails) to Take on Chrissy Teigen

    (Vanity Fair) On the funnier end: Trump also tried to pick a fight with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen over an MSNBC town hall he'd apparently watched about criminal-justice reform—one in which he believed Legend did not properly thank the president for all the hard ... - 9/9/2019

    Trump Insults Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, and They Fire Back

    (The New York Times) President Trump called the model Chrissy Teigen “filthy mouthed” and the musician John Legend “boring” in tweets on Sunday night that trumpeted the president's achievements in criminal justice reform, prompting them to fire back. Mr. Legend called on the ... - 9/9/2019

  • Clever
    'It was unbelievably clever from him, I was fuming' | Sexton on Dan Biggar's intercept

    (Off The Ball) "It was very clever by him you know when he didn't score he said to the ref straight away - when I was asking him to check the offside - Dan [Biggar] said 'Oh it was no try, sir. "He knew that if he went back and checked the try he would go back and check for ... - 9/9/2019

    Queen Elizabeth uses this clever trick to memorise facts about everyone she meets

    (Channel 24) Cape Town - Queen Elizabeth uses this smart trick to remember two key facts about all the people she's ever given royal honours to. According to children's book author Julia Donaldson, who was appointed CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the ... - 9/9/2019

  • Dow Jones
    The Dow Rose 38 Points Because No One Thought AT&T Stock Was About to Hit a Record

    (Barron's) Stocks closed flat on Monday due to a lack of market-moving headlines regarding trade war development and Federal Reserve updates. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added 38.05 points, or 0.14%, to end at 26,835.51. The S&P 500 slipped 0.28 points, ... - 9/9/2019

    AT&T Stock Takes Off as Activist Investor Weighs In. The Dow Is Rising, Too.

    (Barron's) U.S. stock futures were higher. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures rose 0.3%, and futures on both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite had risen 0.2%. Stock in AT&T took off, rising more than 7%, after the activist investor Elliott Management, a holder of ... - 9/9/2019

    Ford Stock Is Sinking as the Dow Inches Down

    (Barron's) Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 were 0.1% lower, while Nasdaq Composite futures fell 0.2%. Yet it isn't all just a drift lower. Pinterest (ticker: PINS) shares were up 4% in premarket trading on small volume after falling 7.1% Monday. - 9/9/2019

    Dow logs longest win streak in 8 weeks but other indexes slip as tariff, growth woes linger

    (MarketWatch) The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.14% rose 38.05 points, or 0.1%, to 26,835.51, recording its fourth straight gain, matching a similar win streak ended July 15. Meanwhile, the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.01% lost less than a point, or 0.01%, to 2,978.43, ... - 9/9/2019

  • Drive
    Woman taking shower wounded in drive-by shooting, police say

    (KSAT San Antonio) SAN ANTONIO - A local woman was taken to an area hospital after being wounded in a drive-by shooting at her Northwest Side home late Monday night, San Antonio police said. Officers were called just before midnight to the home in the 1500 block of Lee ... - 9/9/2019

    Deaf Woman Refused Service, Mocked at Campbell Fast Food Drive-Thru

    (NBC Bay Area) A stunning confrontation at a local fast food drive thru was captured on cellphone video. A Jack in the Box worker in Campbell refused to serve a deaf woman and even mocked her sign language. The video went viral Monday, and the woman at the center of it ... - 9/9/2019

    Deals: Ring Alarm, 8TB Seagate Hard Drive, Apple iPad Pro

    ( Heads up, bargain hunters: Today you can snag the 8TB Seagate IronWolf 3.5-inch hard drive for just $190, the Ring Alarm 8-piece home security kit with a free Echo Dot for only $169, and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro for $799. Plus, you can save $330 on the ... - 9/9/2019

    Hillsborough officials to move forward with Citrus Park Drive extension to alleviate congestion

    (ABC Action News) HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — On Tuesday, Hillsborough County officials will be holding a public information meeting on the construction of the Citrus Park Extension, which will connect Citrus Park Drive from Sheldon Road to Countryway Boulevard. - 9/9/2019

    ¡La unidad Sprint Drive mejor calificada se acelera! Ahora con más ...

    (Hispanic PR Wire (Comunicado de prensa)) OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, 9 de septiembre, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — ¡Arranquen los motores! Sprint (NYSE: S) anunció hoy importantes mejoras de Sprint Drive solución conectada de automóvil de primera categoría. Ahora, la aplicación ... - 9/9/2019

  • Timer
    Political First Timer Katrina Early Challenges Milkovich for Senate Seat [VIDEO]

    (News Radio 710 KEEL) Local insurance agent Katrina Early is another challenger looking to unseat incumbent John Milkovich in the race for District 38 State Senate seat. Early, like Milkovich a Democrat, joins Republican Barry Milligan in challenging for the spot. Early, an Arkansas ... - 9/9/2019

  • Snake
    Mating copperhead snakes recorded on area bike trail

    ( If you're a venomous snake, that is. Jesse Rothacker of the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary recorded on Facebook Live Sunday a pair of mating copperhead snakes, found on a busy bike trail. Here is the video in which Rothacker gets up close to show ... - 9/9/2019

    SC politician bit by copperhead snake at Lexington home

    (WIS10) LEXINGTON, S.C. (WIS) - A South Carolina state representative is recovering from a copperhead snake bite. State Rep. Chris Wooten (R-District 69) posted on social media that he went out to walk his dog around 8 p.m. Sunday when he stepped on a ... - 9/9/2019

    South Carolina lawmaker recovers from copperhead snake bite

    (San Francisco Chronicle) COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina legislator is recovering at home after being bitten by a venomous copperhead snake in his front yard. News outlets report Rep. Chris Wooten was letting his dog out Sunday when the snake attacked. He told The ... - 9/9/2019

    Video shows pair of venomous snakes mating on Lancaster County bike trail

    ( LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A pair of venomous snakes were caught mating on film this weekend on a local bike trail. According to the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary, the two copperhead snakes were on a Lancaster County bike trail this weekend when ... - 9/9/2019

    SC lawmaker in intensive care after being bitten by venomous snake

    (The State) A South Carolina lawmaker is being monitored in Lexington Medical Center's intensive care unit after he was bitten by a copperhead snake Sunday night. State Rep. Chris Wooten, R-Lexington, was in flip flops in his front yard, letting his dog out when he ... - 9/9/2019

    Venomous copperheads mating on busy Lancaster County bike trail

    (ABC27) ... bikers once they began to slowly cross the busy trail. Rothacker showed in a Facebook video how the reptiles look just like a fallen stick at a glance, then zooms in to show the snake species that causes the most venomous snake bites in the United States. - 9/9/2019

  • LinkedIn
    Court Rules Startup May Collect Workforce Data from LinkedIn Profiles

    (TIME) SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court has affirmed the right of a startup company to collect information from people's public profiles on networking service LinkedIn. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco upheld a previous ... - 9/9/2019

    Microsoft's LinkedIn loses appeal over access to user profiles

    (Reuters) “LinkedIn has no protected property interest in the data contributed by its users, as the users retain ownership over their profiles,” Berzon wrote. “And as to the publicly available profiles, the users quite evidently intend them to be accessed by others,” including ... - 9/9/2019

    LinkedIn Data Scraping Ruled Legal

    (Forbes) A court has ruled that it's legal to scrape publicly available data from LinkedIn, despite the company's claims that this violates user privacy. San Francisco-based start-up hiQ Labs harvests user profiles from LinkedIn and uses them to analyze workforce data, ... - 9/9/2019

    Startup HiQ Labs may collect data from people's LinkedIn profiles, court rules

    (CBS News) LinkedIn invoked a federal anti-hacking law in telling HiQ to stop. It also installed technical blocks to prevent HiQ from accessing otherwise publicly available information on LinkedIn users. A 2017 ruling ordered LinkedIn to stop blocking the startup. LinkedIn ... - 9/9/2019

    How to export your LinkedIn contacts and download the rest of your data in case you lose your account

    (Business Insider) You can export your LinkedIn contacts — your connections — to ensure you have a copy in case something happens to your account. While going through the process of downloading your connections, you'll also have the opportunity to download the rest of ... - 9/9/2019

  • Sunday, Sep 8
  • Denver Broncos
    ESPN's Louis Riddick on Broncos coach Vic Fangio: “He will make your offense look anemic”

    (The Denver Post) Think Khalil Mack in Chicago with Vic Fangio, think Bradley Chubb in Denver with Vic Fangio. That's what you're going to see. You're going to see that kind of utilization. I'm not saying (Chubb) is as good as Khalil because Mack is pretty much the standard as ... - 9/8/2019

    NFL Monday Night Football: Where to watch Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders, TV Channel, Live Stream, Odds

    (Newsweek) A classic AFC West rivalry concludes the opening week of the 100th NFL season when the Oakland Raiders host the Denver Broncos on Monday night. It's hard to say whether the Raiders' final season in Oakland before they move to Las Vegas will be ... - 9/8/2019

    Denver Broncos: Fanzone interview with Matty Mulls

    (Predominantly Orange) With the 2019 season underway, I chat with Matty Mulls and get his takes on the Denver Broncos as the Broncos Fanzone resumes for the 2019 season. It is finally time for some real football. The Denver Broncos will not play until the final game of the Monday ... - 9/8/2019

    Ultimate Fans: Broncos will eke out a win in last trip to the Black Hole

    (Mile High Report (blog)) Thanks to Denver_guy for joining in the fun and to kingbronco58 (who I got to meet two years ago at the Broncos-Raiders game in Denver!) for being an Ultimate Fan a third time - you guys rock! Now let's talk about how the Broncos are going to be 1-0 by ... - 9/8/2019

    Broncos vs. Raiders odds, line: Monday Night Football picks, predictions from model on 78-49 run

    ( The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos put a cap on Week 1 of the 2019 NFL schedule when they face off in the second half of a Monday Night Football doubleheader. Kickoff from Oakland is at 10:20 p.m. ET between the AFC West rivals. Denver will have ... - 9/8/2019

    Broncos vs. Raiders: 3 keys to victory for Denver

    (Broncos Wire) The Denver Broncos will play in the final game of Week 1 this Monday night against the Oakland Raiders. While the Raiders have been more dramatic than a season of Days of Our Lives lately, the Broncos are a team coming in focused and ready to start the ... - 9/8/2019

    Oakland Raiders: 3 matchups key to a victory against the Denver Broncos

    (Just Blog Baby (blog)) The Oakland Raiders take on the Denver Broncos in Week 1 on Monday night, and here are three key matchups for a victory against their AFC West rival. The Denver Broncos have no love lost against the Oakland Raiders as their division rivals in the AFC ... - 9/8/2019

    State of the Broncos: Expectations low, but confidence high entering regular season

    (The Denver Post) The portrait is from Super Bowl 50, when Miller sacked Carolina quarterback Cam Newton to force a fumble the Broncos recovered for a touchdown, the key play in Denver's victory. Less than four years ago, the Broncos were on top of the professional football ... - 9/8/2019

  • Arizona Cardinals
    Arizona Cardinals vs Detroit Lions ends in tie following overtime: Recap, score, stats

    ( The Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions ended their overtime game in a tie after Cardinals' rookie quarterback Kyler Murray stormed his team back with a furious rally to tie the game with under a minute to play in regulation. After all that drama, Murray's debut ... - 9/8/2019

    Slow Start Becomes Dynamic Debut For Kyler Murray, Cardinals

    ( Murray finished 29-of-54 for 308 yards, throwing an early interception that was forced along the sideline. He actually was outrushed by Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, 22-13, each getting three attempts. The Cardinals had a measly 58 yards of offense at ... - 9/8/2019

    Somers: Arizona Cardinals flip the script to salvage tie in season opener

    ( For three quarters on Sunday, the 2019 Cardinals looked a lot like the 2018 version. I know, that's an ugly thing to say. But they had a quarterback who couldn't complete passes, a running back who couldn't find holes, a defense that couldn't make a stop ... - 9/8/2019

    Bird Droppings: Arizona Cardinals settle for tie in 2019 debut, Kyler Murray shines late, Terrell Suggs and Chandler ...

    (Revenge of the Birds) Happy Monday one and all. We have our first game of the 2019 NFL season in the books and... It is a tie. It is the first coaching debut for an Arizona Cardinals coach that did not end in a loss, so that is a positive... right? Let's take a look at all the news coming ... - 9/8/2019

    Kyler Murray Leads 18-Point Fourth Quarter Comeback as Cardinals Tie Lions

    (Sports Illustrated) Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray made his NFL debut Sunday against the Lions, saving his best until late and led his team to an overtime tie, 27-27. With Arizona down 17-6 heading into the fourth, Detroit opened the scoring to take a 24-6 lead before ... - 9/8/2019

    Unbelievable! Detroit Lions stunned by Cardinals' Kyler-Murray-led rally, tie at 27

    (Detroit Free Press) GLENDALE, Arizona — A year after they had one of the lousiest opening-game performances in franchise history, the Detroit Lions suffered an even worse fate. The Lions blew an 18-point fourth quarter lead Sunday, then salvaged a tie that felt like a loss, ... - 9/8/2019

    Kyler Murray's two 4th-quarter touchdowns rally Arizona to tie

    ( Cardinals insider Bob McManaman offers a breakdown of Sunday's game between the Cardinals and Lions at State Farm Stadium. Recap. The Cardinals rallied from a 24-6 fourth-quarter deficit to force overtime on Sunday behind two touchdown passes and ... - 9/8/2019

    Kliff's too cute: Coach takes blame for Cardinals' slow start in tie

    (Arizona Sports) GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Arizona Cardinals could only muster three first downs in the first half. They began a Week 1 matchup against the Detroit Lions with a Kyler Murray interception wedged between three three-and-outs in the first quarter. Head coach Kliff ... - 9/8/2019

    RECAP: Lions at Cardinals

    ( The Lions had a chance to close out the game when it appeared they'd converted a 3rd and 5 to a wide open J.D. McKissic in the flat with three minutes left in the game and the Cardinals with no timeouts. The play, however, was called dead after a timeout ... - 9/8/2019

    Revenge of the Birds Staff predicts Arizona Cardinals 2019 record

    (Revenge of the Birds) It is finally time for the real thing. And, to make sure we all cop to what we actually said, we need a predictions post. So, the Revenge of the Birds staff has posted their predictions, along with some commentary from some, on what we expect from the 2019 NFL ... - 9/8/2019

  • Nadal
    Rafael Nadal reduced to tears after winning 'unforgettable' US Open title

    (CNN) Emotions were already running high on an electric night at Flushing Meadows but were then ratcheted up a notch by organizers as a montage of Nadal's illustrious career was shown ahead of the trophy presentation. The video, which featured each of his ... - 9/8/2019

    Rafael Nadal Shows Why the Young Guard Will Have to Wait

    (The New York Times) For a tennis champion devoted to his routines, Rafael Nadal has certainly managed to navigate plenty of change. Signs of the times were everywhere as he prevailed in a draining and dazzling United States Open final over Daniil Medvedev on Sunday night. - 9/8/2019

    Rafael Nadal cherishes moment at US Open as clock ticks on golden career

    (The Guardian) Roger Federer stands only one grand slam away, yet whenever asked about the possibility of catching his great rival, Nadal issues the same mantra. “As I always say to you, and is true: I would love to be the one to have more [grand slams than Federer], yes, ... - 9/8/2019

    Rafael Nadal wins US Open 2019: Is it possible to be an underrated 19-time major winner?

    ( Part of Nadal's anxiety about whoever he is playing is borne out of neurosis, but it also reflects the fact that in elite sport what looks straightforward is actually extremely difficult - and that minuscule lapses can have catastrophic effects. Perhaps it is this ability to ... - 9/8/2019

    Nadal beats Medvedev in five-set US Open thriller

    ( Rafael Nadal has won his 19th Grand Slam title after beating a determined Daniil Medvedev in a thrilling US Open finals that lasted nearly five hours. Nadal survived a heroic Medvedev fightback to claim an epic 7-5 6-3 5-7 4-6 6-4 win and a fourth US Open ... - 9/8/2019

    Tennis: Rafael Nadal in tears after incredible US Open Men's Final against Daniil Medvedev

    (New Zealand Herald) Rafael Nadal claimed his 19th Grand Slam championship and moved within one of Roger Federer's record by defeating Daniil Medvedev 7-5 6-3 5-7 4-6 6-4 in the US Open final. The 33-year-old Nadal was playing in his 27th major final but 23-year-old ... - 9/8/2019

    Rafael Nadal career earnings: How much has Nadal earned after stunning US Open win?

    ( Nadal has now won 19 slams to Federer's 20 after seeing off a battling Medvedev at Flushing Meadows. Nadal was taken into a fifth set despite winning the first two and eventually won the match 7-5 6-3 5-7 4-6 6-4. The Spaniard pocketed the $3,850,000 ... - 9/8/2019

    El llanto de Rafael Nadal al ganar su cuarto US Open con 33 años ...

    ( Bañado en lágrimas, Rafael Nadal miraba la pantalla en el medio del cancha después de ganar el US Open: un video con fragmentos de cada uno de sus 19 títulos de Grand Slam, fue la gota que derramó el vaso de las emociones del balear que, junto a los ... - 9/8/2019

    Ranking ATP: Nadal quedó a tiro de Djokovic a la caza del N°1, el ...

    (Clarí Ganador el domingo del Abierto de los Estados Unidos, el español Rafael Nadal, número 2 del mundo, quedó a sólo 640 puntos del líder del ranking de la ATP, el serbio Novak Djokovic, mientras que el ruso Daniil Medvedev, finalista en Flushing Meadows, ... - 9/8/2019

    El ranking mundial de la ATP: por qué Rafael Nadal quedó muy ...

    (LA NACION) Lo tienen más claro que nadie Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal y Roger Federer, los hombres que se han encargado de monopolizar los Grand Slams en las últimas tres temporadas: entre 2017 y 2019, los 12 grandes se repartieron entre el serbio (4 coronas), ... - 9/8/2019

  • FSU football
    FSU football works to address familiar problems

    (Orlando Sentinel) It can take time for some teams to get rid of off-season rust and play at a high level, but Florida State fans are alarmed. The Seminoles seem to be explaining the same mistakes that haunted them all of last season, leaving many to question whether these are ... - 9/8/2019

    Final Notes: Florida State's 45-44 overtime victory over ULM

    (247Sports) FSU is now 11-1 all-time against current members of the Sun Belt. Willie Taggart ... FSU was 8-4 at the downtown Tallahassee site, including 8-0 in coach Don Veller's first two seasons. 45 points is a single-game high for FSU during the Willie Taggart Era. - 9/8/2019

  • Florida State Football
    FSU football works to address familiar problems

    (Orlando Sentinel) It can take time for some teams to get rid of off-season rust and play at a high level, but Florida State fans are alarmed. The Seminoles seem to be explaining the same mistakes that haunted them all of last season, leaving many to question whether these are ... - 9/8/2019

    Florida State football grades and stats vs. Louisiana-Monroe

    ( (press release)) Florida State blew another large halftime lead but were able to pull out a double-overtime victory over Louisiana Monroe thanks to a missed extra point. Here's a detailed look at how the Seminoles performed based on scores from independent grading service ... - 9/8/2019

    Perplexing moments, disturbing trends from FSU's OT win over ULM

    (247Sports) Florida State's 45-44 overtime win over Louisiana-Monroe, in many ways, felt more like a loss than a victory. Squandering a 21-point lead at home ... In fact, he received an elite grade from Pro Football Focus in this area. But here, on 3rd and 1, Jackson seems ... - 9/8/2019

    Another grim stat from Florida State's overtime win over ULM

    (Tampa Bay Times) One more grisly stat from Florida State's 45-44 overtime win over Louisiana Monroe: The Warhawks' 44 points were the most they've ever scored against a Power Five opponent, according to data available on College Football Reference. ULM's previous high ... - 9/8/2019

    Grading FSU football's overtime win against Louisiana-Monroe

    ( Florida State picked up its first win of the season against Louisiana-Monroe Saturday. The Seminoles squeaked by the Warhawks thanks to a missed extra point in overtime for the 45-44 win. They blew a 21-0 lead to start the game. It was the second week in a ... - 9/8/2019

    Final Notes: Florida State's 45-44 overtime victory over ULM

    (247Sports) TALLAHASSEE — Florida State got their first win of the season with a 45-44 overtime victory over ULM on Saturday evening at Doak S. Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Fla. Here are some final notes from that game: Florida State improved to 3-0 all-time ... - 9/8/2019

    Opening line released for FSU at Virginia: Can you bet on these 'Noles?

    (Tomahawk Nation) There's no beating around the bush — FSU opened as 21-point favorites against Louisiana-Monroe, and the Seminoles somehow found a way to escape with only a 45-44 win on a Warhawk missed extra point in overtime. The offense managed to put points ... - 9/8/2019

    FSU Football: Cam Akers is the clear bright spot for 2019 Seminoles

    (Chop Chat) Cam Akers came to Florida State as a heralded five-star recruit and the best running back recruit in the nation. He came in his first year and broke Dalvin Cook's freshman rushing record. Cam Akers is indeed a special player. The teams he has played on ... - 9/8/2019

    'Noles catch a break against Warhawks

    (Florida Flambeau) A week removed from a heartbreaking loss to Boise State, the Florida State football team survived an overtime thriller to defeat Louisiana-Monroe 45-44. It would have been easy for the 'Noles to fall victim to looking ahead at next week's difficult road matchup ... - 9/8/2019

  • Nebraska Football
    Nebraska Football: Exhausted defense a component of Colorado loss

    (Husker Corner) There is no doubt the Nebraska Football defense had a tale of two days on Saturday. The first half was great, the second half was not so good. In any event, they failed when they needed to step up. It was the theme of the day for Nebraska Football. They did ... - 9/8/2019

    Steven M. Sipple: Nebraska's issues on offense widespread, but line's struggle again tops list

    (Lincoln Journal Star) Bottom line, I'm not sure Nebraska is better than it was last season at any of the offensive position groups, including quarterback. Did Frost make a false read on the offense, a relatively young bunch? Or will its time arrive soon? The offensive line in particular ... - 9/8/2019

    BC's Breakdown: Huskers still lacking the "Finish Him!!" move

    (247Sports) That's all it would have taken for so many moods in Nebraska to be flipped 180 today and a field storming to not occur. Football is funny that way. A team's want-to meter can drastically change off one series, even one play. If you believe that along with me, you ... - 9/8/2019

    3 Takeaways from Colorado's comeback win over Nebraska

    (Ralphie Report) It was the most important recruiting day on the calendar as the Buffs brought in all kinds of visitors — football and basketball — to see what Colorado football is all about. Whatever happens to Scott Frost and Nebraska, this win will have significant ramifications ... - 9/8/2019

    Husker Extra Rewind: Missed tackles, missed assignments fueled late collapse at CU

    (Fremont Tribune) It could have did so much and we let it slip,” Barry said. “I'm telling you right now, we could have shut all the naysayers and all the critics, we could have said 'Yeah, Nebraska football is here. Blackshirt football is here. The defense, the way we played in the ... - 9/8/2019

    For Mel Tucker's CU Buffs, “Relentless” isn't just a hashtag in Boulder — it's a promise

    (The Denver Post) “Our GPS numbers this week were higher than they were last week,” the CU Buffs' first-year coach said after a 34-31 overtime win against Nebraska on Saturday in his Folsom Field debut. “We came out on 'Fast Friday'… our numbers were high, our guys ... - 9/8/2019

  • Saints
    Texans vs. Saints odds, line: Monday Night Football picks, predictions from model on 78-49 run

    ( Two teams hoping to make a deep run in the playoffs, the New Orleans Saints and Houston Texans, square off at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans in the first of two Monday Night Football games. The game will be the first for the Saints since ... - 9/8/2019

    Saints vs. Texans: 3 key matchups to watch on Monday Night Football

    ( The New Orleans Saints seek to snap a dubious season-opening streak when they host the Houston Texans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Monday Night Football. The last time the Saints won in Week 1? Go back to the 2013 season, when the Saints ... - 9/8/2019

    Saints change things up to try and kick slow start habit

    (The Daily Advertiser) NEW ORLEANS — There's a popular saying that defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So, with that in mind, the New Orleans Saints tried to find the sane approach to Week 1 this year. After five ... - 9/8/2019

    Texans at Saints: Houston Chronicle staff predictions

    (Houston Chronicle) The Houston Chronicle's pundits make their predictions for Monday's Texans-Saints game at the Superdome in New Orleans. Jenny Dial Creech, columnist. Saints 31, Texans 24 — The Saints will be too much for the Texans' defense to stop, but Deshaun ... - 9/8/2019

    Saints Gameday Guide 2019: Week 1 vs. Texans

    ( All NFL teams, including the Saints, have been required to eliminate PDF tickets. Mobile tickets offer a safe, convenient and flexible way for fans to sell, send and manage their tickets. Mobile ticketing also protects the integrity of tickets, improving protection ... - 9/8/2019

    Saints to honor Little League World Champions in Week 1 vs. Texans

    (Saints Wire) The New Orleans Saints will host some local celebrities when they kick off against the Houston Texans on Sept. 9, with the East Bank Little League team joining them in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The East Bank squad won this year's Little League World ... - 9/8/2019

    NFL picks: Predictions for Texans vs. Saints | Monday Night Football (9/9/19)

    ( The Saints went 13-3 and won the NFC South last season. Here's how our experts see the game playing out. Darryl Slater: The Texans, despite trading Jadeveon Clowney, are going all-in on 2019. But winning in New Orleans against Drew Brees and Co. is ... - 9/8/2019

    How many wins will the New Orleans Saints have in 2019?

    (Canal Street Chronicles) In a perfect world, the Saints don't care about how the NFC Championship game went and come out with a chip on their shoulder and show it against every opponent they face this season. Fellow contributor Chris Dunnells even wrote about this, talking about ... - 9/8/2019

    Saints high on small-stature, small-school rookie returner

    (Lexington Herald Leader) Saints rookie Deonte Harris wanted to believe his record-setting career as a return man at the Division II level of college football would translate in the NFL. It sure looked that way during the preseason, particularly on his 78-yard punt return touchdown against ... - 9/8/2019

    New Orleans Saints: Game-by-game predictions of 2019

    (Who Dat Dish) The New Orleans Saints will again be one of the NFL's top teams. Here's a look at the season by quarters and a prediction of their final record. Here we go with the 2019 season. This season is full of excitement for New Orleans Saints fans. The team is picked ... - 9/8/2019

  • Colts
    Vinatieri's 'lousy' day costs Colts, Brissett victory

    (ESPN) CARSON, Calif. -- A horrific kicking performance by Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri took away what should have been a Week 1 victory for Jacoby Brissett as the replacement for Andrew Luck at quarterback. Vinatieri, the NFL's all-time leading scorer, ... - 9/8/2019

    Miscues At All Three Levels Cost Colts in Season Opener

    ( But when the Indianapolis Colts made several miscues in all three phases — and then saw the Los Angeles Chargers take advantage time and time again — those are the plays Frank Reich and his team wish they can get back, especially when their furious ... - 9/8/2019

    Insider: Missed tackles, missed kicks cost Colts in 30-24 loss to Chargers

    (Indianapolis Star) CARSON, Calif. -- Eventually, all the mistakes became too much to overcome. The missed tackles, the missed assignments, the missed kicks all conspired against the Indianapolis Colts in their season-opening 30-24 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Chargers ... - 9/8/2019

    Colts WR Devin Funchess suffers broken collarbone

    ( Jacoby Brissett won't have one of his pass-catchers for quite some time. Indianapolis Colts receiver Devin Funchess suffered a broken collarbone in their loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday afternoon, a source told NFL Network's Tom Pelissero. - 9/8/2019

    Chargers 30, Colts 24 OT: Nothing special in opening loss

    (Fox 59) INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – What caught our eye from the Indianapolis Colts' season-opening 30-24 overtime loss to the Los Angeles Chargers Sunday at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson. The loss was Colts' sixth straight on opening day, tying the Chicago ... - 9/8/2019

    Chargers vs. Colts: How the teams match up

    (Los Angeles Times) HOW THEY MATCH UP. Chargers (12-4 in 2018) vs. Indianapolis (10-6). When Chargers have the ball. Philip Rivers will open his 14th season as the starting quarterback, but who's absent in the backfield could be the bigger story, especially if the Chargers ... - 9/8/2019

    Chargers gana en tiempo extra a los Colts ayudados por las fallas de Adam Vinatieri

    (Marca Claro USA) Así que la vida sin Andrew Luck empieza con derrota para los Colts, en un duelo que podría decirse que no merecían perder. Las defensivas no pudieron realmente detener a ninguno de los dos ataques durante todo el partido, pero los fans de los Chargers ... - 9/8/2019

    Colts pierden frente a los Chargers en la semana 1 de la NFL

    (El Universal) Austin Ekeler consiguió tres touchdowns, incluyendo una escapada de siete yardas con 5:01 minutos por jugar en el tiempo extra, para darles el domingo a los Chargers de Los Ángeles el triunfo por 30-24 sobre los Colts de Indianápolis. Los Chargers ... - 9/8/2019

    Ekeler anota 3 veces en triunfo de Chargers sobre Colts

    (Centro Tampa) CARSON, California, EE.UU. (AP) — Austin Ekeler consiguió tres touchdowns, incluyendo una escapada de siete yardas con 5:01 minutos por jugar en el tiempo extra, para darles el domingo a los Chargers de Los Ángeles el triunfo por 30-24 sobre los Colts ... - 9/8/2019

    Chargers sufrió de más pero logró vencer a Colts en tiempo extra

    (Diario Deportivo Record) Austin Ekeler consiguió tres touchdowns, incluyendo una escapada de siete yardas con 5:01 minutos por jugar en el tiempo extra, para darles el domingo a Los Ángeles Chargers el triunfo por 30-24 sobre Indianápolis Colts. Los Chargers fueron los ... - 9/8/2019

  • Jets
    The Jets of Old Manage to Step All Over a New Season

    (The New York Times) EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Le'Veon Bell finally played his first football game in 20 months on Sunday, and the Jets kept him busy, calling his number on eight of their first 10 plays from scrimmage. He later caught a touchdown pass, and then an improvised ... - 9/8/2019

    Quinnen Williams' Jets debut wasn't all bad

    (New York Post) Jets first-round pick Quinnen Williams had a quiet debut Sunday and left with an injury. Williams, the No. 3 overall pick out of Alabama did not register a stat, then sustained an ankle injury that knocked him out of the game in the fourth quarter of the Jets' 17-16 ... - 9/8/2019

    Bell returns to football with TD in Jets' loss

    (ESPN) EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Playing for the first time in 20 months, running back Le'Veon Bell displayed his old Pittsburgh Steelers form, scoring a touchdown and a two-point conversion in the New York Jets' 17-16 loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at ... - 9/8/2019

    Jets Start Their Gagging Early In The Season, Blow 16-0 Second-Half Lead To Bills

    (Deadspin) Adam Gase had a chance to set the tone for the Jets' season. He was in position to win the first game with an impressive defensive performance, make everyone stop with the eyeball jokes, and show that he was different than former head coach Todd Bowles. - 9/8/2019

    8 Jets to blame for season-opening debacle vs. Bills | Sam Darnold, Trumaine Johnson, more

    ( After all, there was very little positive down the stretch, as the Jets tossed away a 16-point lead en route to a familiar-feeling defeat. But which Jets were most to blame for things breaking down and 2019 getting off to such a brutal start? Here are eight guys who ... - 9/8/2019

    Bills pull off stunning rally to beat the Jets 17-16 in season opener

    (USA TODAY) However, down 16-0 and showing no signs of life, the Bills put together a rather stunning rally and came all the way back to defeat the New York Jets 17-16. Given the way the game was looking, it was a jaw-dropping turnaround. This had all the makings of a ... - 9/8/2019

    NFL Week 1 grades: Jets get a 'D' for blowing huge lead in home opener; Cowboys and Ravens earn high marks

    ( Not only did the Jets lose to a divisional rival 17-16, but they blew their biggest lead at home since 2002. The Jets were leading this game 16-0 with just under four minutes left to play in the third quarter before the Bills mounted a huge comeback with 17 ... - 9/8/2019

    Jets' Energy Takes a Hit After CJ Mosley Exits Bills with Injury

    ( Before Mosley left with a groin strain late in the third quarter, the Jets still held a 16-3 lead, held a 4-0 lead in takeaways — Mosley had two of them plus a touchdown in the first half — and barely trailed Buffalo in yardage, 195-193. In the fourth quarter, the Bills ... - 9/8/2019

    Le'Veon Bell was worth the wait in Jets debut

    (New York Post) Le'Veon Bell waited 603 days to get back on the football field for a game. He will have to wait at least another eight days for a win. The Jets new running back looked sharp after sitting out all of last season and this preseason, but it wasn't enough to spark a ... - 9/8/2019

    Browns vs. Jets preview: 5 things to know about Cleveland's next opponent

    ( Next up for the Browns is a Monday Night Football game on the road against the New York Jets, who also lost on Sunday. This is the Browns' first Monday night game since 2015. And it also pits the two teams that played in the first Monday Night Football ... - 9/8/2019

  • 49ers
    NFL Week 1: What We Learned In 49ers' Sloppy Win Over The Buccaneers

    (Forbes) The first half of Sunday's season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was an unmitigated disaster for the San Francsico 49ers. They had three touchdowns called back due to penalty and saw the Buccaneers score their initial touchdown of the season ... - 9/8/2019

    49ers report card: Defense rescues shaky Garoppolo, offense

    (San mateo county times) San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey (69) looks to block for San Francisco 49ers running back Tevin Coleman (26) against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the first half an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019, in Tampa, Fla. - 9/8/2019

    Richard Sherman, 49ers' defense make strong opening statement

    (ESPN (blog)) TAMPA, Fla. -- With quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo easing his way back into his first regular-season game since his ACL injury last September, the San Francisco 49ers turned to their defense to deliver a season-opening 31-17 victory over the Tampa Bay ... - 9/8/2019

    49ers rule out starting running back Tevin Coleman after he suffers ankle injury

    ( The San Francisco 49ers may have a problem at the running back position. During their season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tevin Coleman left the game with an ankle injury, and the team quickly relayed to reporters that he would not be ... - 9/8/2019

    What did 49ers' Kwon Alexander get for his ejection? A game ball

    (The Mercury News) Linebacker Fred Warner had a team-high nine tackles and forced a third-down fumble that ended that Bucs series at the 49ers' 8-yard line. Ronald Blair recovered the fumble, the 49ers' first takeaway this season after producing a NFL-record low seven last ... - 9/8/2019

    Sherman, 49ers upend Winston, Buccaneers 31-17

    (SFGate) TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — The San Francisco 49ers had three touchdowns negated by penalties, turned the ball over twice and didn't a get particularly sharp performance from Jimmy Garoppolo. That just made beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-17 on a hot, ... - 9/8/2019

    Roundup: 49ers DE Bosa (ankle) slated to play vs. Bucs

    ( Bosa is officially listed as questionable in the 49ers' injury report and was a limited participant in practice all week. The positive news is what San Francisco has hoped for during a preseason that has been riddled with injuries. With their rookie edge rusher ... - 9/8/2019

    49ers frustran el intento de remontada de los Buccaneers

    (ESPN Deportes) TAMPA -- Richard Sherman y Ahkello Witherspoon devolvieron para touchdown dos de las tres intercepciones de la renovada defensiva de los San Francisco 49ers ante Jameis Winston este domingo, en el triunfo de los Niners, 31-17, sobre los Tampa Bay ... - 9/8/2019

    Vaqueros y 49ers debutan con triunfo en temporada 100 de la NFL

    (La Razon) Dos de los equipos que han hecho historia en la NFL, Vaqueros de Dallas y 49ers de San Francisco, comenzaron con triunfo la temporada 100. En el AT&T Stadium, Vaqueros enfrentó a su rival directo de la División Este de la Conferencia Nacional, ... - 9/8/2019

    Sherman y los 49ers dominan a Winston y los Bucs, 31-17

    (Diario Libre (Comunicado de prensa) (blog)) Richard Sherman y Ahkello Witherspoon devolvieron para anotación dos de las tres intercepciones de la renovada defensiva de San Francisco ante Jameis Winston el domingo, en el triunfo de los 49ers por 31-17 sobre los Buccaneers de Tampa Bay. - 9/8/2019

  • Rams vs Panthers
    Rams vs. Panthers final score: LA survives sloppy back-and-forth to spoil Christian McCaffrey's huge day

    ( Neither the Carolina Panthers nor the Los Angeles Rams consistently looked as if they wanted to win Sunday's matchup between two potential NFC contenders, but at the end of the day, the defending Super Bowl runners-up got the job done. Despite an ... - 9/8/2019

    Rams vs. Panthers: How the teams match up

    (Los Angeles Times) HOW THEY MATCH UP. Rams (13-3 in 2018) at Carolina (7-9). When Rams have the ball. Coach Sean McVay orchestrated one of the NFL's most prolific offenses the last two seasons. Quarterback Jared Goff is a two-time Pro Bowl player who has ... - 9/8/2019

    Watch full highlights from Rams vs. Panthers in Week 1

    (Rams Wire) If you look at the scoreboard of Sunday's game, you'd probably think the Los Angeles Rams and Carolina Panthers went back and forth in a close game for 60 minutes. That wasn't exactly the case, but it certainly wasn't an easy win for Sean McVay's squad. - 9/8/2019

    Panthers vs. Rams: Winners and losers from Week 1

    (Panthers Wire) This wasn't exactly how the Carolina Panthers wanted to kick off their 2019 season, as they lost 30-27 to the Los Angeles Rams. It wasn't as close as the score might indicate, either. The Rams were in control for much of the contest but a late run by Carolina ... - 9/8/2019

    Grading the Carolina Panthers in their season-opening loss to the Los Angeles Rams

    (Charlotte Observer) It's kind of nice to have a player like running back Todd Gurley available as Plan B, huh? The Los Angeles Rams ate up clock and yardage in the fourth quarter after the Carolina Panthers crept back to a one-score deficit in a 30-27 season-opening loss. - 9/8/2019

    How to Watch Rams vs Panthers, NFL Live Stream, Schedule, TV Channel, Start Time

    (For The Win) The reigning NFC Champion Rams will face their first test of the new season on the road against the Carolina Panthers. The Rams lost, 13-3, in Superbowl LIII to the Patriots, but will look to bounce back. Sunday's contest will mark a matchup between two elite ... - 9/8/2019

    Rapid Reactions: Panthers fall to Rams in opener, 30-27

    ( The Panthers were on the move after getting the ball first to start the game. Wide receiver DJ Moore was looking for some yards after the catch as Carolina was nearing the red zone. But Rams linebacker Cory Littleton punched the ball out of Moore's grasp ... - 9/8/2019

    Panthers corner James Bradberry got the pick-me-up he needed vs. the LA Rams

    (Charlotte Observer) James Bradberry has something — size — a lot of accomplished NFL cornerbacks lack. He lacks something accomplished NFL cornerbacks tend to have in abundance: Interceptions. The former Carolina Panthers second-round pick became a starter quickly ... - 9/8/2019

    Game Recap: Rams edge Panthers to begin 2019 season with a win

    ( The Rams won the coin toss and deferred to the second half. The Panthers crossed midfield, but LB Cory Littleton came up with a timely forced fumble and fumble recovery which allowed Los Angeles to take over at its own 33. Their ensuing series fizzled at ... - 9/8/2019

    Los Angeles Rams 30, Carolina Panthers 27: Grinding and unwinding

    (Turf Show Times) He threw two interceptions, though the Panthers only caught one of them in a performance very reminiscent of the Rams' Week 1 affair last year against the Oakland Raiders. Unfortunately though, Goff got a Week 2 game against a very soft Arizona Cardinals ... - 9/8/2019

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