what exactly does he want from me?

okay for those of you who havent read my previous questions... some guy i talked to/dated for a year...who called it offtext 2 nights ago

asking how i was..
[and i took a while to text back bc i was on the phone]

then he text me back and said "since you dont want to talk to me then ttyl i still love you"

so i responded saying that i was good and that i still love him too..

so he asked what ive been up to and i was like well the same stuff
and i asked him too and he said
ive been going out to drink with my friends.. and i was like okay cool..
then he's like "so take very much care of your self"

the question is.. what the heck does he want from me? he told me... lets be friends.. and then he says i still love you.. and talk to you later..

what does he want???
By imisshim05 9 years ago :: Dating
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