Should I visit/call my Mother more often?She has always been so negative...

My Mother has always been very negative about everything.She was never affectionate towards my sisters & I when growing up.She is now 75 & admits she hates everything & everyone.She lives 2 min away from me. I want to talk to her more but she always puts me in a bad mood because she is so negative & hateful.I feel bad not visiting her more often.She constantly complains about money and will never buy a birthday card or X-mas gift for anyone,ever! She has never given a compliment to anyone.The holidays are coming and I stress every year about her attitude.My sisters & I always make sure to laugh & be happy together. We do not want to be like her. Why do I let this bother me and how can i see her more & not get upset about her negative attitude?
By coffeewcream 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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