Is changing a friendship into a sexual friendship without any strings a smart move on my part when I like him?

For more than 10 years I have been friends with this guy and for the most part of our friendship, on occasion we have gotten more intimate (completely initiated by him I might add!). But it never progressed to anything more, just back to friendship.
I did confront him once about taking it further, but he just told me that he wasn't the relationship type. Even though I did get very fustrated and angry with him at that time, several years later, I have now gone and proposed to him that we become sexual partners with no strings attached, which he very happily agreed to.
Since then, I call him up and he comes over, sometimes for a whole night and others for a quick meeting. So far it is always me doing the initiating. At times I do feel very strongly that he has more feelings for me, but he never tries to take it any further.
Even though I do like him and would like for it to go further, I enjoy the sex with him. I do fight my feelings often, since I do like him more than that and I know he dates other women.
By Nadia 15 years ago :: Dating
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