Is my boyfriend right in not speaking to me because I didn't attempt to apologize in a timely manner?

My boyfriend is getting ready to move in with me in the next few weeks. I asked him if he was planning to do some cleaning/packing while I was doing my school work. He gave me a reason which I felt was a lazy excuse not to do anything yesterday. I said nothing to his replay but I was mad and didn't tell him I was mad. I then left my apartment to run an errand and did not say good bye to him. He got extremely mad at me for leaving without speaking and not telling him I was mad. I felt I needed time to calm down so I wouldn't blow up at him. He is now refusing to talk to me and won't accept my apology stating that he is tired of me never telling him why I am mad. Conicindently, five days ago, he did the same thing to me...he was mad and even though I repeatedly asked him what was wrong, he wouldn't tell me and he left without speaking to me. This doesn't matter to him though. I feel he is being hypocritical in this situation. I do have a habit of being silent when I am angry because I am trying to sort my thoughts and he doesn't like when I do that. He wants me to tell him right at that moment what my problem is. It makes him very angry if I don't state my issue right away. We slept in separate rooms last night (he told me he couldn't stand me and didn't want to be near me) and he won't speak to me. Also, he is now blaming me for sleeping on the sofa (as if I'm running from the problem) but I slept there because of what he said (not wanting to be near me and can't stand me). So, if this situation makes sense, please give me some input.
By Brownie_1 14 years ago :: Dating
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