How can you say you love me when you treat me like this?

I have been dating a man for the past 6 months. he has cheated on me many times and tells me that " its just the way he is" and that it dont mean anything to have sex with other women. He likes to call me a slut, ho and whatever else he feels like whenever he feels like it, He tells me he OWNS me and that no matter what I will always be his.

He takes off for weeks at a time and does god knows what with whoever, and expects me to sit at home and wait for him. I tell him all the time i do not like how he treats me. He tells me "SO WHAT"

I am so weak when it comes to him. I try to break it off and find myself always going back. I try not to answer his calls but then i always crack and end up answering.

I told him recently I just wanted to be friends. so now he calls me asking me for sex. I tell him no. He just goes on to scream at me and tell me that he should be able to as he says "beat" whenever he wants. I cant seem to just let go of him. I do have feelings for him but I do not think any woman should be treated like this. He can be nice when he wants to be but I really dont know what is making me stay. I need help!!!

someone...anyone PLEASE help me!

By brown_eyes_09 15 years ago :: Dating
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