Should I believe my ex wants to start over or let it go?

I've been seeing a man for a few months I am 42 he is 46. We both are strong willed people. We have great times together and he treats me like a lady. We both agree our relationship is 90% good and 10% not when we disagree. He has really let me know he loved me in many ways. He told me several times he's been looking for someone like me. He told the women he dated he has found a woman. Problem is he and I disagree on the small stuff and it leads to a brief argument and he makes comments like it's might be the end each time. So, after an episode I asked him if it was over so I know now instead of later. He replied he wasn't going to beg me to stay so I broke it off with him. We started talking again after 2 wks on the phone and he told me again that he had plans for us like he always use to say. Now, he added he wanted me to be his wife. (all past tense) I was shocked to say the least. He says now he wants to take it slow and not put a label on it that he still feels the same, but doesn't know what's right for him but doesn't want to lose me.. After a month apart we spent his birthday together he treated me like old times and talked about the future. He still treats me nice and paid to get my hair done. Now, we haven't had any disagreenent in a month. Usually it would be a couple of days. I still love him and feel he loves me. I don't know what we are doing anymore. This weekend he didn't call me nor I call him. I feel that he should make the move if he wants me and my girlfriend says she thinks he's waiting for me. I feel he already told me what's up but I feel he is giving mixed messages. What should I do? I've waited a long time for someone like him.
By Mochalatte 13 years ago :: Dating
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