Who is Entitled to what at theend of a relationship!!!!!!!!!!

Question why is it that when a couple lives together(not married) in an apartment the relationship doesn't work both parties divide whatever they have acquired together and they go their separte ways and theirs pretty much no hassel again same couple might live in a house(not married) all H-LL breaks loose if their is a split the mortgage was in one name the downpayment was not contributed by the other as nothing and I mean nothing was contributed by the other party in the upkeep of the property basically the other contributed to the incoming monthly bills/living expenses etc. and nothing else now he feels cheated,feels entitled to money, I am a fair person I consulted a lawywer, if he is entitled to money in this state which does not recognize common law marriage I was told no whatever I feel is far then that would be up to me then why is the entitlement different when a couple lives in a apartment vs a home by both our friends and family I have received mixed opinions I embrace all your comments and suggestions this was an interesting experience!!!!!!!!!!
By Krystina 13 years ago :: Dating
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