I am a stay-at-home divorced mom of 2. How do I meet guys??

Here's the deal. I am fortunate to be able to remain home with my kids. Meeting men is a problem as I don't work, everyone I know is married and so are their friends. I joined a swanky dating service and they hooked me up with all older guys though I made it abundantly clear, I am not interested in older guys. I am online & find the pickings slim to non existent. I am like a middle school kid. Not old, not young. I am 53, in excellent shape and look/llive a much younger life. I like men a bit younger because they tend to live an energetic life as I do. Men who hit on me are much older or much younger. How do I find quality guys in their 40's? (Yes, I work out, play tennis, go to functions, parties, etc. No, I don't hang out in bars.)
By sharona 15 years ago :: Dating
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