Does my girlfriend have a reason to be mad at me?

We have been together for over three years. We have lived together for just over a year now. Last week I came home and she had just got done doing some cleaning... I guess. I noticed she cleaned the sinks in the bathroom along with the counter. She swept the floor and cleaned out the shower. She also did the dishes and vacuumed. I took notice but didnt really say anything about it because...why should I? I hardly even noticed she did anything.

So she starts getting upset. Says I didnt tell her thank you... and good job. Im just thinking...what? Ive never really praised you for doing stuff like that because we both do these things. She tends to clean house a little more. I tend to fix things and do the harder stuff outside in the yard and on the house plus fix things in the house and do all the heavier work plus house cleaning. I never complain.

So for two days she is sending me texts at work about how I dont appreciate her and all the things she does. How I need to work on getting better manners and notice and praise her for all these things! She was threatening to move out because of this. I dont get it because this has never come up before. I say thank you if she does something like put my laundry in the dryer or clean up something I left out. She doesnt praise me for fixing her car, fixing her computer, running a phone line under the house for her DSL, getting crushed black rock and spreading it myself so she doesnt have to park in a mud pit, mowing the lawn... and so on.

Were still having this stupid argument over it and I dont get it!! I know I might have different views on things but I dont think I have bad manners because of this. I dont see why I have to praise her for little things she does around the house and really only does things that she doesnt mind doing. The other things are left for me and I never complain.

She went off on me like if it wasnt for her the house would be in ruins! So I told her I didnt really notice she did much and it was true. Wow.. you cleaned the sink and did some dishes. Vacuumed... you want a cookie? Should I call CNN???

I totally see her side. She wants some praise for a job she did around the house. I dont understand why it took her so long to say something. In my mind.. I do all the "manly" stuff around the house because she does the more "girly" stuff. That to me shows appreciation. We both pull our weight.

Does anyone relate to this? I know I will praise her more when she does stuff. I dont mind at all. But, does she have the right to make my life hell for 3 days now when she could have just had a simple conversation with me? you know... communicate!?!?!? Could there be something else going on in her life thats making her a bit crazy?
By ChuckNorris 15 years ago :: Dating
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