No Birthday Present - What does this mean?

I have been dating a wonderful man for 10 months. Everything is great between us and he is generally very thoughtful, loving and kind. It was my birthday last week - the first one since we have been together - and he did not give me a birthday present. He did take me out to a comedy show and dinner that night - which was nice. But - no present.
Just one fact you should know - the saturday night before my birthday he lost his wallet and had to cancel all his cards. He called me about an hour before arriving at my house and told me he had tried to buy me a present but his card didn't work. This sounds Ok - but the present was going to be him paying for some flights we had booked to go away for our 1 year anniversary - over the internet from his desk!!! I felt that this was a little thoughtless.
Am I overrecting by being disappointed or is this behaviour cause for concern???
By thom 15 years ago :: Dating
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