Am i afraid to commit or are my instincts kicking in.

I have been dating this guy on and off for about five years. Our careers sometimes put us literally on different continents or states for a years at a time.

He tells me he wants us to be married one day, and he says the "right" things, however, in the past he has lied to me. We fight and make up a lot. Whenever we have broken up in the past, i was the one to walk away; and he is always the one to get us back together. he says if he didn't love me he would be out of my life a long time ago.

Each of us is by no means faultless in this relationship; it does not take much to get me mad at him; sometimes i think i look for reasons to break up with him; he on the other hand is very demanding, especially when it comes to sex; he will/does talk about sex all the time and it drives me nuts...this is one of the areas we fight about...i tell him i don't want to talk about sex, let's just have sex...jeez!
Well, i could go on. Thanks for your comments.
By Abla 15 years ago :: Dating
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