Should I give this man a chance and wait for him?

I met him online..he was not the type to go on those dating sites and most of the time wanted to delete his profile and email all together..myself also! We both stayed on the site a bit longer with no luck.he saw my picture and profile and though he would tell me about himself. I new right then he was a sincere person. I had to go away on a trip for 3 week after e first met but promised to write him back. e had doubts because most people online just disappear or are fake.I did write him back as I promised I would...It took him three days to write me back though. I guess he thought my trip I went to was to see a man off the site...So he had to think about if he should right me or not.He eventually did and found out it was elderly people I stayed with to care for them! At first we just talked getting to know each then it was phone calls...then we realized that there was a connection so strong between us. I could tell him some thing I wanted or was thinking and it would be exactly the same thing as he was started to get quite freaky...He is taos pueblo and I described my wedding to him as he and I were close enough now to talk about these things and he wanted me to...Without ever seeing the pueblo I described it and our wedding there...he was stunned and thought it was like we were married before in a past life time went on things like this happened over and over... it was so strange but so wonderful at the same time. Then one night he wanted me to truly tell him how I felt about him . I was nervous but told him I was in love with him..he relied the same thing to me.... The relationship got really strong and we are going to meet soon but he even has everything taken care of for me. he says I need no money as he is taking care of everything. He has a romantic hot air balloon ride set up for us and so many other romantic things..even taking two weeks off of work for me...BUT the problem is with me,,,,he has had a good upbringing and good real troubles.,.and a great son...I have had an abusive past and my sons are messed up... He wants me to be open and I have been with him..he accepts and still wants me and even to be a father to my sons... But a few nights ago I told him my younger son also was gay as with my oldest....27 hours later I never heard from Him...he never answered my emails or my phone messages.... I was so hurt and depressed because he has never done this before...We were so close and never missed hearing each other voices on the phone ever....We talked for 4-5 hours every night plus many emails everyday....I was so hurt..I wrote him and phoned him not to get any reply for over 24 hours....then finally he write me and say he still loves me but is hurt because i did not give him the time to think it over.....that it seemed to him I wanted to just leave when the going got rough...I told him I was just embarrassed because he has a great life and I do not and do not want to bring sorrow ands trouble into his great life. it has been days..he does not answer my phone messages and takes forever to answer my emails..When he does he says he has not changed his mind about me or my children and still loves us but needs time to heal because I apparently hurt him thinking he was the kind of man that would just leave me.....I am hurting also because he is making me feel horrible and like I am not ready for a relationship... But I am ready and want it bad... I just want to have good things to bring into one also and it seems so far only problems. Should I wait for this man to come heal...or should I just give up........what should I do....I know he loves me and I love him but right now this distance between us really hurts....the lack of communication while he heals is so lonely and empty.. I need him right now very much ! We were talking about marriage in the near future and a baby together before all this...
By got2be4real 15 years ago :: Dating
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