When I first took the apartment the landlord was flirtatious, but it got weirder still... What should I do?

I took an apartment to get out of a bad relationship situation. The landlord was known by a person I worked with and would allow me to have my 3 cats, so i definitely took the place. When I moved in he seemed so nice and said he wanted to keep me as a tenant for as long as he could.
He seemed rather flirtatious when I first took the apartment and began calling me Honey and then Babe etc. He would knock on my door concerning things on the apartment, but he would do weird things like ask me to put my hand up and then press his palm against mine.
I let all of this go and ignored it since I needed the apartment... He is married and was engaged when I took the apartment. After a while, everytime he approached me about something he seemed angry... I just answered his questions and let it go.. I finally asked him not to call me Babe but call me by my first name.. He came to my door one day and said out of the blue "You will respect me!" I have no idea what he meant. I have given him no reason to say anything like that to me!
I really don't like calling him for help with items of repair in the apartment since I do not feel comfortable around him at all. My refrigerator does not even keep ice cream cold.. I have to drink it if I keep it over an hour in the freezer. I asked for another refrigerator after the person he sent to repair it failed to do so, and he said I would have to pay more rent for a new refrigerator!
I stay only because the rent is inexpensive and he accepts my pets.
I have been considering moving, but at this point I am wondering if he would try to sabotage that by giving me bad references or something. I wonder, do you think I should ask him directly if he will try to hinder my moving to another place by giving me bad references? I know he will deny having done or having said any of the things I mention here, so I just want to make sure he doesn't do harm my chances for a better/ more comfortable place to live. What do you think I should do ?
By Toodles 15 years ago :: General
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