what pain is his wife going through?? how do i break up with him?

I've been with a married man from almost a year now.. our love goes so deep.. he is bored with his wife she doesnt excite him like i do.. hes about 18 years older than me, his wife busted us not long ago at a hotel... hes had to move out of his home... into a flat we. go out for drinks and the sparks fly our intercourse is heated and I love him... they are not divorced as of yet..I'm very young (18) and just wanted to know what pain his wife is going through??? when i initally met him.. he said his wife and him constantly fight and they sleep in seperate beds... I am so confused with my life. after the wife intercepting us at the hotel.. I realised he had been lying about everything.. but he wont let go of me.. and as much as I push him away he comes back for more and more,,, he says he loves me and wants to be with me.... and that hes never experienced a connection like this.
By carmy 15 years ago :: Dating
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