Should I see my dad?

I am 19 years old and I have two younger sibblings. My father and mother got divorced serveral years ago because of my father having numerous affairs.

Since the divorce the relationship between my parents has been terrible. They are constantly argueing and all of our extended family and family friends have taken sides and become involved in the arguments. Us three kids are constantly getting involved in the fights and getting dragged different ways by each parent.

The arguments are mainly based on child support. My father is quite wealthy, he owns two big houses in two different capital cities, as well as two boats and is he is constantly going on overseas holidays, while my mother is struggling to pay the morgage on her one house and has trouble even paying the bills. My mother has main care of us three kids and is not recieing any child support from my father.

My father is re-married and is constantly cheating on his new wife - his new wife has not realised he is being unfaithul. I fight with him a lot about this, as I think his wife has the right to know. My father constantly lies to people to get his way and he has comitted fraud several times. He is generally not a very good person, but hey, he is still my dad.

Now that I am 19 I am wondering, should I just stop seeing my dad altogether and wipe him? it would get rid of most of the stress in my life and would be easier just to side with my mum and not get involved in the arguments so much and getting torn in 2 directions. BUT he is my dad and I only have one dad.

Will I regret it if I never talk to him again? I do not like the person he is and the only reason i put up with him at the moment is because he is my father, but is that a good enough reason?

By LucyB 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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