texting is it wise in the work place

My work does not allow us to use our cell phone during paid hours. She is working at the same time and texts me. Where she works has no cameras but, mine does. So she would text me. previously i told her that women like me at work. every work enviroment has run ins like that. I'm different I am very noble and has a good concious. I have never cheated once. In the beginning I was not sure and would ask a female friend for advice. In amount of hurt I needed some comfort. I told her I missed her. Truthfully I just missed the feeling of being accepted. We had no sexual interaction. I felt like a cheater bcause I was talking to a friend who hapened to be another women. It ended because I left a message to her saying "I miss her." I missed her acceptance for me. I at the time never thought that anyone can accept me.
I text once while during working. I got caught during work hours. I was written up for it. since then I hardly text at work. I don/t like talking to too many people so to avoid that I doon't retrieve my phone at breaks. If I did I could come across my collegues. Which is everyone who I wish not to associate with.
Who is wrong in this picture? Is it wrong for her to be mad because I don't want reason. to get my cell phone because of my reason? But when I leave I expect her toanswer hers immediately?
By urpnioncnts 15 years ago :: Dating
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