Am I wrong to think that my boyfriend and I should look at moving in together after dating for 2.5 years?

I'm 22 years old and live by myself while my boyfriend is 25 and has always lived with his parents. I suggested moving in together however he says he does want to live with me but thinks it's impractical as it is added expense and he would no longer have the "facility of living at home." I then suggested that he could move in to my small unit where the rent is cheap but he thinks it's too small for two people. When I suggest looking at a bigger place he says it's too expensive!

I feel like he is avoiding commitment by not moving in whereas he says I'm not committed because I won't wait. He thinks that I should be willing to wait forever because he thinks that he would if the roles were reversed. He also said that he needs to decide whether he'd like to be engaged to me before he could live with me. I suggested moving in after two years of dating. Shouldn't he know after having been in a serious relationship for 2.5 years?
By confused0408 13 years ago :: Dating
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