So is it an argument? and who's at fault?!?!

"Okay, my side.

I'm in high school, so I texted my mom to go to savon after school so me and my girlfriend could get a snack, she had a whole $7, so I said "sure.". She met me at school, and gave the money to me.

My girlfriend said she had $4, which was good enough for me.
She had soccer practice, and she needed to change into her clothes for it.
In the meanwhile, I went to the bathroom.

She got out of the locker room before I got out of the bathroom, and she was calling and texting me. It wasn't much of a help since my phone was on silent!.
She mumbled to me some words, and I said "What?", and she said it again, and again... I said "What?!". She said "Don't worry about it." (You'll learn later what she was trying to say!).

So we walk to Savon, and we get drinks, snacks, and gum. And my girlfriends friend decides to tag along.

We get there, and we spend $7.25. Great. Cause I only have $7.
So I said at a loud tone of voice "I thought you had four dollars?!", My girlfriend says "I told you I didn't!". So her friend gave us a quarter and we were on our way.

So, who's at fault? Cause I don't think it's an argument, and my girlfriend does.

So, personally, MY SIDE, is HOW can it be an argument when my girlfriend never CLEARLY stated that she had the $4?!

My girlfriend said it was an argument, just cause she got pissed....
By DoughmanDan 15 years ago :: Dating
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