Please Dont Leave Me!

So my woman (or ex woman... I say that because I still sense a strong connection with us) is upset at me for ending the relationship. I get the sense that she now understands why I did it. Basically, she left me hanging on a question regarding having children... whether she could or could not... regardless, I let her know how open I was to adopt or whatever. It was the hardest conversation that I've had in my life, hands down. And she says nothing. Now mind you she's in her mid forties. I know its a sensitive topic. So thats a little of the back story. (you can look at my other questions and get more back story if you want).

So, I broke up with her. And about 3 months later, I want her back. But now she's all mad because I left her. I did it as a gentleman, but I couldn't take her shutting me out and making me feel as if what I had to say not matter. It made me feel like she did ten year prior to when we were dating and she did the same thing. I can't change anyone... all I have is dominion over my own feelings. That's it.

She was abandoned by one of her parents as an early teen. And I think that has something to do with why she can't seem to be open to even seeing me. When we talk its for at least 2hrs. I usually email her 2-3 times a week. And then she'll say lets get together after this trip I have coming up. And when that trip is on the brink of happening, she changes it to "lets get together after this trip and that trip."

So I'm holding up okay for right now. I told her that I'll pursue her as long I feel like that's what she wants. But I refuse to chase someone who does not want to be caught. The I love you's kinda roll off her back like water on a duck... kinda. Another part is the influence of her very very very influential friends. All liked me when I was with her... now that I'm not... they're like "oh my god, I just talked to me the other day... are you kidding... poor girl... he doesn't know what kind of a woman you are." And I'm trying to get her to see they're gonna say those things to you because they are your friends... not mine. There are only two side and two opinions in a relationship... yours and mine... that's it.

I want to see her and I believe she does too. I invited her out on a no strings attached date. I told her lets take a "grown up baby step"... if this is what you want.
By Mrkarmel 15 years ago :: Dating
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