My boyfriend wants to spend holiday dinners coming up separate with our own fams. i think its stupid and unfai

We've been together for 3 years and i haven't talked to or seen his family in over a year. The reason? they decided that they do not like me and as a result i have been disowned from the family. Even mentioning me in the house or having anything of mine that he might have there brings up World War III. Last year we separated for the holidays (he broke up with me), and the years b4 that we celebrated at his house and we didn't get to see my family until later in the day.
This year he wants to spend holiday dinners with his family (and i would spend it with mine)...but we're in our 20's and i think its ridiculous that he would go there even though they hate me and won't invite me. i think he should stand up for me and say that if i'm yet again not invited then he isn't going to come since thats what i would do if it was reversed. He uses excuses for holidays all the time like "i want to see my grandma she's sick" or "this is a one time event" etc., but its getting old and i'm starting to catch on.
Should i sit back and smile and pretend to be happy during the holidays at spending them apart? Oh and we do live together now which makes it even weirder. Honestly, i think that i don't deserve to be hurt yet again by his family, and he thinks that it is important for him to go EVEN THOUGH they would never invite me so he won't even ask.
When i bring it up to him he is kind of cold to me about it too, like i'm being greedy. honestly, am i being greedy/crazy in wanting to spend our first thanksgiving and xmas together since we now live together? either with my fam or on our own? or should i just let him go eat and be merry with the family who hates me and won't invite me?
By mia77 13 years ago :: Dating
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