ok so we met last may an we started chatting soon afterwards but gradually it started getting pretty serious i realy liked him an he really liked me BUT there was only one thing i didnt no,,,he was stil in love wit his ex,he had been with her stil the night we met an i didnt no i was told hes single wel they broke up a few nights later i didnt no any of this until a mo aftyerwards he tels me they jus broke up a mo ago,an he said they r ovr an he dosnt have feelings for her,
BUT turns out he did an wen we started dating,he was practically dating her to
wen he wasnt with me he was with her an vice versa,finally in spet i found out that he had been fuckin around with her the same time as he was with me for 4 mo strait an i asked him ovr n ovr if he has feelings for her he always said no none at al.... so wen i found out i broke up with him 2 wks later the other girl breaks upw ith him cuz he had lied to her abt me an she found out so he told me it was completely over an they were done so the sucker i am went an believed him weelll he left for his iraq thing(hes in the US ARMY) an i nvr asked him but the one day he sjus up n lik sarah(which is his ex) texted me n i told her to stop an once again i believed him!!!! WWEELLL me n her ended up talking wen he was home on leave fofr xmas for 10 days an here he had been talking to her as much as me!! an he was planning on meeting up with her at xmas behind my bak,an thne i found that out of course he denied it again!!! and in january i found out EVN more of his lies!!!
BUT i stuck with him bcuz he said he wantz to change hes not gonn b lik that anymore...he had been in iraq from jan to sept an it was easy for me to dealw ith wen he was gone now hes home an everythign is hitting me ful force!!!
the feeling of being betrayed,2nd best,an al that fun stuff, now anything he says i LAWAYS question him!!! i do not trust him around girls wen he s drunk cuz he has a history of makin out wit random girls wen hes drunk then cums the xcuse "o i dont no i dont remember!!! i feel lik i am beyond trusting.... where do i go from here.....
By chica1 15 years ago :: Dating
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