I am desperate!!!!! I don't know who to turn to....I'm losing MY MIND.....

How do you handle a Live in boyfriend who has terrible anger issues? He is recently divorced and it's "all about him" and he doesn't consider my problems. He is angry right now because I met up with "grade school" alumni at a restaurant. It was set up to be all girls, but some guys came. I didn't tell him that the guys came and led him to believe that it was all girls. Yesterday My Facebook popped up and he read some of my messages re: the reunion and a message sent to a guy that was going to the reunion popped up. He is now not talking to me and said he's lost all trust in me and that I was secretive. Do you think he's doing this just for an easy way out for him? PLEASE HELP...
By listerine 15 years ago :: Dating
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