THIS IS IT... the email that ends it all.

So, its been a month... I've given her time to come back... and now I think its time to bounce... some of the responses from previous questions I've posed have actually helped me formulate this email. I'll probably send it out by the end of the week. what do you think?

I hope all is well with you. A month has passed since I have reached back out to you and based on how you are responding to me, I believe we should continue moving forward so that no one else gets hurt. Your promise to sit down and talk over this time period has been illusive at best. Not to trivialize our circumstances, but you either want to move ahead together or you don't. I understand that how you've responded to me is related to how you process someone leaving you. Hopefully, our talks have added healing and peace to our individual insecurities. I pray Christ's protection, and may He continue preparing you and me for the love that we truly need and desire.
By Mrkarmel 15 years ago :: Dating
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