Stay in the rship im in or leave for a guy i have feelings for?

I met a guy of the net. B 4 we met we talked as mates for around 2 years. He decided that he would come down to my town and meet me. All went well he was amazing.We dated for a while. Untill one night i said i love u and he didnt say it back.....he didnt want a rship eather.I decided to move on though i had strong feelings for him. Tis is guy1.

Not long and i found my self in a rship with what i thought was a great guy.... now with the knollage he is a tossa. We had a trip planned and i found out he cheated on me. So i cancled our trip as it was in my name. And made me a trip to a town were guy1 was staying with his mum. He took me back with open arms.

We had a holiday planned though he had no money and i payed for everything we did. (he did pay me back) for a week we sat at home with his mum me and him day in day out watching tv. (nice lady) It took him 2 days 2 ask if we could be a couple. I said no.

I went back to my town and told guy1 it wont work he told me that he LOVED me i didnt care i left him it wasnt easey as i had feelings for him. Now im with my partner of 6 months and still have strong feelings for guy1 we text everyday and talk most days.He says he loved me when i met his mum with him. (he told me on a text when i told him it wouldnt work)

I have still have strong feelings for him i dont know why. The rship im in now i have written a question on that 2 a while ago.

By Rodda 15 years ago :: Dating
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