I'm having troubles with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years... please help!!

We are both 17. My boyfriend of 2 and a half years, is the most kind and loving guy in the whole world. He came to me with a problem, he has been wanting to go out to parties - and mainly to - talk to girls. He feels like he needs to live his life while he is still young and to hang out with his mainly single friends. But he says he still loves me, and told me this because he wants me to know how he feels and not hide it from me. He does not want to go to these parties, because he thinks/knows i will worry.

He says he loves me everyday, and he does not want to break up with me. He also says he doesnt want to feel this way, and apologises so much - even though it is not his fault. He says that he doesnt know why he feels like this and would love for it to go away, but it wont.

So what do I do? I love him. And do not want to break up.
By goldy_locks 15 years ago :: Dating
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