My 17 yr old son & I do not get along yet I do so much for him. He is so unappreciative; just a spoiled brat.

We constantly fight yet I'm the one who has to wake him up and drive him to school. He barely makes it before the bell rings. Since he has so much trouble waking up, he runs across the street about 3 min. before the gate closes! When I pick him up everyday, he complains he has no car (yet he doesn't nag his father about it). I do his laundry and plan his doctor & dentist appts. I cannot wait for him to go to college and learn how it is to live on his own. It's odd but he never seems to "talk back" to his dad and seems to respect him more yet when the father gets mad at him, he really gets angry. My son seems to forget about the rage his dad can have ... My other son is 2 yrs older and is much more responsible. How can two sons be so different? Help!
By Shakira 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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