Should I speak about my past of the man that raped me?

Its long but I'll make it short. I have 14 year old sister that doesnt talk to me anymore because of the simple fact that her father raped me few years ago. (He's my stepdad) I seemed 2 notice I believe to have a grudge against her father but I also found out that she lied to me that she has been seeing him. My mother is another story but she is a horrible mother that put me into alot of things a child wasnt suppose to be into or know about. Basically, I want 2 speak to my sister again but everytime that man's name comes around, I scoff and become disgusted. I hate him, I try not to think about the past nor speak about him. My brother thinks I should talk for I can heal. Do I have a grudge or Am I being a person with hatred? I mean should I speak to him again because of my relationship of my sister or forget both of them. It is her father but I'm so frustrated that she's talking to him.
By jetlag34 15 years ago :: General
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