is it right for my boyfriend to talk to this girl?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for a little more than a year and a half, it's a long distance relationship and has been for most of that time. There have been many situations that led to me trusting him less than when we first started dating. I trust him in that he won't cheat on me or do anything stupid like that, but I don't feel he understands how he makes me feel when he communicates with other girls.

We're both lived in the same town when we met and had to move apart for school, hence the long distance. Well he had a few friends back home and one in particular he had a crush on and he never let her know how he felt about her. This was before we met and started dating. They lost touch for the two years that we've been talking and been together, but recently she got a hold of his number and started talking to him again. This girl has a child, from a previous relationship, my boyfriend and her never went out, they were just friends.

The had starting talking and texting about what could have happened between them if he had not moved away from her. He entertained the idea with her and began calling her pet names, and saying things such as "what if someone else finds you before its too late for me?" This really hurt me, when I found out about this. I immediately told him that he either wants to be with me or he doesn't. I said that I'm not going to be dragged along while he finds another person that he would rather be with. He told me that he wants to be with me and I told him that I need him to tell her the truth about his decision. He went about it and this other girl cried because "they could've had something great." The next day she kept asking how he felt now. Since then, it seems as though she won't let him go and continues to try to talk to him.

I felt that it was best for him to leave her alone, so she gets the idea that he has made his decision and that she would eventually respect it. But she continues to try to talk to him, I have heard that this girl will do what she can to get what she wants and will most likely just use him. I think that if he leaves her alone for now, she'll get the hint, and when she does later on they can be friends again, but definitely not right now. It seems to me that its hard for him not to do this. So my question is should he be talking to her?... after all that they've been talking about what could have been and what they want to happen?
By curioust 15 years ago :: Dating
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