I have not seen my child for 5 years, I want to see him but his mother a lawyer will not let me.

Mother asked for court orders to stop me seeing my child, I thought the orders for 4 years, mother made fraudulent complaints against me, and got the orders she wanted. I later proved the mother was lying and have permission to take her to court for perjury.
Problem if I do something to my son's mother it will affect him, Mother has him on medication and I believe it is a direct result of the family court findings. Once she said I assaulted her and the court took my child away from me for 6 months, found not guilty at court, aloud to see my son again and then the next lie, no access again, child was being bounced around emotionally. Orders finished now can get access again; can prove the mother has lied!
By Simmo 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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