Is it selfish to follow my dreams and should I call it a day?!

Sorry if this drags on, but I have a few issues so please help!!
My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 1/2 years now, he is 27 and I am 23 we own a house together which is in a town close to where I grew up and went to University..
I went to Uni for 2 years with the dream of working around the country (not staying close to home!) so I could get out and meet new people. I got offered a job working in my dream location, but gave it up because my bf was completing a traineeship which he loved and couldn't leave at the time... He doesn't live in him home town, and because of the age difference had already worked around the country before meeting me.
I worked in a job I hated for 3 years, and since then have gone back to Uni by correspondence to try something else, meanwhile my partner has finished his traineeship and is now free to move away from here...
I have asked him many times to move away, but he thinks I am being selfish because he loves his job here and uses our house as an excuse to stay in this area... I also dream of travelling around the world working, but he has no motivation to do anything... He doesn't get out and enjoy life, which really brings me down sometimes, I find it so hard to motivate him to do anything..
Our relationship is very rocky, he hates me spending time with my friends and I have lost friends because of him... He isn't interested in anything I do or want in life, and there is no talk of the future... marriage, kids or anything....
I fell pregnant a year ago and had some complications... he didn't support me
at all and made it pretty clear that he wasn't ready for a child. He didn't want to touch me during or after I was pregnant, I was so crushed and felt as though I had a disease...
My current job is coming to an end, so I feel as though I can't get out of the relationship because I'm financially reliant on him.. I have a job interview in a town that is 3 hours away from here for a job that could potentially be my dream role, should I take it and risk financial issues or try to work this relationship out here?
I have really low self esteem from this relationship, and realise that it takes two to fight, so I contribute problems to this also. He doesn't want to talk about our problems, just gets really angry and turns into a massive fight.
My unhappiness has lead me to fall in love with another person, who although nothing has happened we agree that we love each other and one day in the future we might be... I feel guilty, but at the same time do I deserve to be happy?

By tadconfused 14 years ago :: Dating
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