what do you do when your girlfriend breaks up with you but use still beleive use are in love with each other?

me and my girlfriend have been going out for a year and 4 months! she told me recently a few days ago that she wants to break up but she doesnt want to break up for good, she just wants space and time because we've been fighting heaps latley and she cant seem to let it go. things were perfect for about a year but then i had to go overseas for a few weeks to pursue my career and when i got back i got really jealous with the things that where happening, i put alot of pressure on her and i understand. i just didnt know what to do because i wasnt used to what was happening, because she had got a full time job after spending most of her time with me.. she wasnt doing anything bad, she was just not being herself, she started to care so much about her self, do her make up more, dress up, go out more (with people i just couldnt trust), she'd be nicer to everyone but gradually with me she wanted to have more freedom and spend less time away from me, then she always got pissy at me and made me feel bad about myself when i did the smallest thing. i felt like there was no way out! before i had left to go overseas, she was always chasing me, she was always the one to be upset over me but ever since i came back i really missed her and realised i was in love with her so i started to treat her extra good, i started being way too clingy with her and im thinking its possibly because of that! it turned out that we had been fighting for a long time since ive been back because i felt that she had changed but i know in my heart that where meant to be because we overcame every possible fight we used to have besides im still willing to make it work no matter what.. i just want someone to help me figure out why this could be happening? (maybe from a girls point of veiw), will she take me back or am i just hurting myself & wasting my time? like should i just give her a break, what should i do? she told me she loves me and she'l never stop loving me but in a way its not enough because she has never had the courage to break it off with me & now knowing she finally did it, it really hurts and just want her back! i was never a bad boyfriend, right now i feel that i treated her really good, respected her and im maybe thinking i kind of pushed her away because i was way to clingy, like i shouldnt have treated her that good then she maybe wouldve liked me more? can somebody please help me.. i want her back but dont know how, i no that deep down she loves me but dont know why she cant let go of our past and start fresh with me! ive wanted to bring her flowers and stuff but im affraid i will push her away even further! any advice that i could make her chase me back or make her want me more?
By Andrew 15 years ago :: Dating
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