Was I wrong for not defending my boyfriend about enough pie leftovers ??

My boyfriend and I held Thanksgiving dinner at our house today for my family. I made sure, I had everything he wanted to eat for the dinner. The day went well even though he and I both have been sick for the last few days

After dinner when my mother, my two sisters and I were cleaning up the kitchen, my boyfriend walked up to me, with his back to the others and said, there isn't any left over pecan pie. He went on to say he had just invited his friend over for coffee and pie, and there isn't any pie left. (There was 3 1/2 pumpkin pies and one piece of pecan left) My mother said, there is pumpkin pie and my sisters confirmed there was pumpkin pie. But, my boyfriend insisted there wasn't any pecan pie remaining. He and my family went back and forth about the pies until, my mom said with tears "my dad, who died last year, would not be happy with this situation". So, everyone stopped arguing.

Now, my boyfriend is mad at me for not standing up for him against my family. He says they attacked him, and I did nothing. We have been living together for 6 years, I didn't see, I needed to stand up for him, as he knows my family very well. I thought - I cannot control the left overs and I assumed that was my family's thoughts as well. Maybe the family thought, he was just being hard on me, as he is hard on me often. Don't know what their exact thoughts were.

But he still feels they attacked him. Now he wants me to let my family know they were out of line, for interrupting his conversation with me about the pies. and for attacking him. And all he was trying to say was, next time make sure there is left over pie.

My boyfriend often complains, that I put my family ahead of him. Actually, I put him ahead of my family and myself. I do everything I can to make him happy, but it seems I always somehow fail him.

Was I wrong for not defending him about enough pie leftovers ??
By bubblez 13 years ago :: Dating
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