Should I put visiting requests/restricitions in an email before the baby is born?

I am getting to deliver my first child and several of my other first time mother friends have noted their horror stories of too many visitors or visitors not knowing hospital policies.

I plan to send out the following email to family and friends but my mother thinks it is rude to put restrictions out there. She said that no one will visit, which secretly, with having to learn to breastfeed, I would not mind if most would wait until we come home. Please let me know if you think my wording is rude or if I should not send. Also, let me know if I should add anything.

Dear Family and Friends

We are off to the hospital, so hopefully very soon, and not several hours from now we will be greeting our little bundle of joy:-)

We will send out another email as soon as she is born.

We cannot wait to have XXXX meet each and everyone of you!! We have minor requests and hospital information that we need to share.

Except for Family, we ask for visits to hold off until our second day so we can have more time for bonding with our little XXX and adjusting to her feeding schedule.

XXX Birth Center visiting hours are 12pm to 8 pm.

H1N1 Temporary Hospital Policy:
In response to current flu conditions in the community, XXX Hospital will restrict visitors 12 years of age and under to all areas of the hospital, beginning Monday, October 5. XXX will also restrict visitation by individuals of any age who have influenza-like symptoms. These restrictions are being put in place to protect our patients. We ask family and friends of patients to assist in our efforts to ensure the health and safety of patients they have placed in our care.

While visiting at the hospital or at home, please forgive us in advance for being overly concerned with handwashing before holding or touching XXX. She will not be able to have any flu vaccine until 6 months of age, so she is highly susceptible to the virus as her immune system continues to mature and the H1N1 or even the seasonal flu is very dangerous for young babies. Dont worry we will have plenty of Purell and will be so happy to hand her off :-)

Finally, give us a ring before coming over, we will have family coming in from out of town, so we want to be sure to schedule around them as much as possible.
By dancer2112 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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