She used me, should I get my revenge and how?

I loved a girl, We started going around when we she joined college, I'm a year senior to her. For the first 3-4 months we were all around talking late night hanging out often 4-5 times a week everything was great, I even told her that i love her, she never gave any answer but we both were like any other couple.

Suddenly another guy enters the scene he is also of same coll senior to me. She and he well in love, yeah i got those busy tones n no going outs and all. I decided to stop talking to her n move on my way.

Again she made a fuzz telling why can't we be friends. I was OK with that too, but yet I loved her. I was always there for her during her problems, helping out in everything right from doing out her assignments to dropping her home when ever she wanted. I had to even witness their romance n cry inside and still be a good friend,

Later I had a fatal accident and this so call best friend of mine didn't even bother asking how I were minus 1-2 formal calls over a month of hospitalization. I was pissed off for the whole thing and stopped talking to her and ignored her completely. I had a better life during this time.

One year later due to one of my friends fault we started talking to each other and she was sorry for the whole thing and all. She was still with that guy.

Again things were back to square one we used to talk late night, hang out and all-She was still with him. He had become busy with work hence the weekends was with him n the rest was for me. Things gradually moved to square two where i had to slog everything for her, giving up my work and do hers while she was romancing with her beloved.

Later I felt i had enough and stopped doing all her works and reduced the amount of talking also. As a result she complained that I had found someone n she never meant that much to me now and cried and all. Again my week heart fell for it, started being good and doing all her works buying her expensive gifts, more than her love. She really enjoyed it.

It was my birthday two days back and she amazed me by not even calling up. (two months I slogged 2 weeks to make her previous birthday amazing, All alone- Now my friends hate her including the one who put us back, so the wouldn't help me for anything)

To cut the story short, She wanted me ONLY when he wasn't there, to do all her works. I'm not supposed to walkout cause we are friends. I'm not supposed to expect anything from her cause she is hooked up to him.
By mithin 15 years ago :: Dating
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