Shall i text my ex boyfriend in his birthday?

He broke up with me 4 weeks ago. I still love him, i am hurt and devatasted. We were together for 2 years and i thought i was going to be with him for the rest of my life. We started to have problems and then suddenly his mum fell ill and sadly passed away. He was very close to her. I tried to give him my support but got more distant, he has to look after his dad now. I felt he didnt want my support, and he didnt want me around. I have no spoken to him. He has tried to contact me, he said he wants to be friends but i am not ready. i have ignored him. I dont wanna be his friend, I want to be with him, It;s his birthday next week. Shall i text and say happy birthday? I am not sure, i love him but i dont want to get more hurt. It's xmas next week too and he knows i dont have my family around. It's difficult and hard for me. What shall i do?
By sebastiana 14 years ago :: General
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