how would you deal with an ex boyfriend who asked to talk with you in a lodging house?

we havent communicated for like 7 months, saw his friendster account showing their pictures with her current girlfriend. it was really my intention not to text or show any signs of interest like calling. until one day he called and asked me to be his girl again. for few days of texting, we had the relationship again, started saying "I LOVE YOU" without explaining why and what happened to him. so we both decided to see each other. but to my surprise, he wanted to talk to me in a lodging house, and he promised to just talk and dont do anything nasty. i was scared so i refused. it felt like he was a different person by now. and he seemed monstrous. after that, i didnt answer his call and texts. and i do mean not to see or talk to him again. he's such a loser, isn't he? he even invited me to spend Christmas in his place with his family. i thought he was sincere. all this time I know and have evaluated his actions and that he was just only after one thing from me, and that is sex. nothing else. and he won't stop unless he gets what he wants. Is my thinking regarding the matter fair enough?
By savannah 15 years ago :: Dating
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