Does anybody want to talk about the holidays?

I thought it might be nice to talk about Christmas.......

What are your Christmas Day plans?
What do you want Santa to bring for you?
What gifts have you got for your loved ones that you think they will be especially excited about?
Do you have kids who still believe in Santa?

My fiance and I go to alternate families each year. This year we will go to my aunt's place - Christmas is the middle of summer in Australia - so we go to her place for a BBQ and pool party.

I don't know if I have been a good girl enough for Santa to bring me anything!! (oops) but I'm always open for clothes and jewellery!

My fiance has a giant electric train set and I got him a bunch of stuff for it at Hobbyco......I can't wait to give it to him...I got him some little signs that light up!
My dog chewed up a pair of his thongs so I also got him 3 pairs of new ones from the dog - with a card that says sorry :-)

And my cousin has a 2 year old baby who is just old enough this year to understand that Santa is coming - I can't wait to see him and see how excited he is that Santa has been. It's been quite a while since we've had a baby in our family - the last child who believed in Santa was my youngest cousin who's now 28 and is the one who's wife just had the baby!
By chickybabe 15 years ago :: General
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