I spend all my time and money on her. what am i doing wrong!

I am a senior in Highschool and my girlfriend of 7 months is the love of my life. I really have never been in love and now that I am, I want to spend all my time and just everything ive got on her! randomly I got her the new Open Heart diomond necklace just to show her that I love her. I take her out very often, I buy her clothes and underwear and recently got her brand new pair of Nike Shox for her birthday.
She has a crappy phone and really really hates it, so i offered to get her a new phone, I later found out the phone is 300 dollars. I cant afford that because i only work part time at a subway!! So i got her the shoes that she wanted soooo badly. Now shes running me over that i make "promises" and I dont keep them. Like getting her the phone. We found the same phone but older and used for 60 bucks, i paid half of it..
Now we are fighting because I told her I was going to give her a foot massage because she worked a long shift at a clothing store, so I didn't know what to tell her (we were talking via text message) and she comes back with "You never give me a massage when you say you will so whatever" and i told her i need a simple reminder and ill work my magic (trying to be funny) and she told me I shouldnt need reminders! so it sounds like she is telling me that i dont think of her enough or SOEMTHING. I am so mad because I have done everything possible to make it work. i lost my best friend (who was a girl) because she was jelouse. All her guy friends are her ex boyfriends, and her "bff" is her ex boyfriend who told ME that he still loves her. On top of all that, she still cares and thinks of her last boyfriend, to this day! He got busted and got a MIP and she is all worried that he's going down the wrong path. He ingores her and doesnt talk to her. I think she still wants to be with him, I dont know what to think. Its really hard, help me please!
By MarkyMark 16 years ago :: Dating
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