what should i do about my mother?

well my parents are divorced and things are not on a good note. my mom has part custody of me and my little brother so we spend most of our time with her but my dad gets us every other weekend and gets to spend the day with us every Thursday. well last night when i came back home with my mom she had been drinking and she got in my face and started screaming that im trying to use things against her to help my dad get full custody which is completely untrue. she then ran in my room and basically destroyed it and told me to get out and go live with him so i just started packing some stuff in my backpack and was preparing to leave. she then came in my room and squeezed me and started babbling about how much she loved me, how i was her only friend and i couldn't leave her like this. i just hugged her back and let her cry on me. she then started to calm down and said i inherited my "black heart" from my father and pushed me back. then she hid all the phones so i couldn't call my dad to come get me. thing like this happens ALL the time
By darebear 15 years ago :: Parent/Child
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