what to do about ex's who dont move on

I have separated from my boyfriend for more than 8 months he still claims undying love and wants to come home. We share a child together and when he visits he spends his time begging me to take him back. But I never will and ive made it more than clear.. He is lazy does not work, smokes and drinks and thats not my style.. Im happy for him to see his son whenever he wants as he is loving to him. He just wont get the picture. And now I have my other ex who i was married to 6 years ago calling and claiming his love for me. I thought he and i were on the same page when it came to our relationship, as we also have a daughter together and have always got along really well. We separated because he cheated on me several times with other women.. Im not good at picking men and I want to get along with them as we share children and its important for children to see their parents getting along and being friends. I never knew my father so I would never come between my children and their fathers even though neither pay child support and don't work, they stress me a little with the badgering and i feel bad for them.. It does not really bother me that i don't receive child support as I make a good living and feel empowered to be able to support my children on my own. How do i make both my ex partners except that i don't want either of them.. because they dont work I just think they want to move in and live the easy life I dont believe they really love me they just think they do. It confuses my daughter as she does not understand why i wont take even one of them back as she loves both equally and thinks i should be in a relationship so i dont end up lonely. But Im more then happy with my life. what to do
By cazziegirl 15 years ago :: General
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