should i get married so my bf can have sex with me?

My Bf and I are in our early 50's. He has been married before and I have never been married. we have been in a long distance relationhsip for 10 months and see one another every 4-5 weeks and spend about a week together at that time. He is pressuring me for sex. As a christian woman I believe we must wait until we our married. He is fine with getting married but I am not ready-as it has only been 10 months. he also feels we should go for a test ride before marriage which I think is ridiculous. Am I in danger of losing him if I don't marry him now so we can have sex? Is sex such a big deal especially at his age? I am not a virgin but have asked for God's forgiveness for my past transgressions.
By sillydilly 15 years ago :: Dating
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